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September 24, 2023


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“Mindfulness meditation is like briefly being dead.”

Reminds me of a book I read years ago entitled “I hope you die soon.” These words were spoken to the author by a friend of his whose sense of a separate self had dropped away. Needless to say, the author (Richard Sylvester) realised this at some point – hence the book. Here is an extract from it: -

“In a split second of awakening all the comforts of the spiritual path can disappear. All the efforts made, the fun and busyness of packing to go to India, the ashrams arduously visited, the meaningful travelling around the spiritual bazaar, the kundalini awakenings and the shaktipats received, may be seen to have led nowhere and to have counted for nothing.”

Anyway, Brian does pick some very relevant topics – for anyone seriously interested. My meditation follows a similar pattern to what Kabat-Zinn describes. To me, I’d just sum it up as natural meditation. Although I do ‘sit’ first thing in the morning I enjoy (if that’s the right word) many moments throughout the day that are just, well, quiet.

The quiet mind doesn’t seem like anything special, even just noticing the quiet – that too disappears. I’m sure many people have such moments of quietness, moments where there is just a being present. Perhaps a sudden view, a sunset, someone laughing or crying and you are there – or rather, at that moment and on reflection, you (‘me’, ‘I’ or ‘self’) were not there. That’s all.

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