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September 30, 2023


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There's a mystery even greater than that of the nature of the cosmos. It's a mystery that has boggled my mind for years now.

Donald Trump was President of the United States from 2016 to 2020. During those 4 years in office, what precisely did Mr. Trump do that warrants the terror you express about his possible re-election?

It's a serious question.

The agony over Trump began shortly before he was elected in 2016, and its fever hasn't abated even slightly since then.

It baffles me. Totally and completely. What precisely did Trump do that justifies the obsession some people have over him? I was around those 4 years, what did I miss?

If you object to the word "obsession," I have to wonder how. People obsessed over Trump can start talking about any one thing, but it all somehow quickly leads back to Trump. Discussions over toothpaste quickly and inexplicably turn to Trump. Who will win the World Series? Home runs, batting averages...Trump! And here, somehow a post about the limits of the human mind and the nature and mind of the universe invokes...Trump.

It could be that the Trump tic is quite revealing about the nature of the human mind. That is, we care far more about personalities than about genuine cosmic matters, or anything else for that matter.

That's why we obsess over political characters, as well as spiritual characters. We love some gurus but curiously hate other gurus who are carbon copies of the ones we revere. We can claim our devotion and animus are based on lofty principles. Doesn't look that way to me.

Hi Brian
You wrote
"What boggles my mind above all other boggles is the notion that something always has been, is now, and always will be."

Consider the numbers between zero and one.

They are infinite.

Yet they are an entirely different set of numbers than the infinite set between 1 and 2.

Eternal is easier to understand if you think of slipping outside of time. Or, existing outside of time. That space is eternal and never changes, can't be corrupted, is never born and never dies only because it doesn't exist within time.

When you experience a moment of timelessness, eternal is all there is.

When you experience time here, and you can recall that experience of being outside time, you understand both as distinct qualities of the same reality. Qualities of your own personal experience. Which is the only experience one can ever know.

Hi Brian

This is a very interesting video from Deepak Chopra with a great title:

Spoiler Alert: God Did Not Create the Universe


Maybe you could do an article with your thoughts on the subject that Chopra has discussed. Thank you.

As every Soul ( not only humans )
is God entirely, not a drop but entirely,
S/He knows all questions and answers

I find it 9¨9999999 IQ to fill eternity with the present voluntary
dumb situation
I guess SHE has endless other methods

The hidden secret is Love (compassion) not Science

It is n old book 'Set Speaks"

In the middle Seth explains about the astral world
where so many old earth religions still flourish
These defunds don't give up

Instead of pointing their energy UP wards
ex Nasa engineers try to contact earth with moderate successes
sais the Pentagon when they describe the ufos nagging US pilots
I believe there is also a lot of High IQ Cyborgs, left overs from
older civilisations


How paradoxical that so much is beyond prediction.

I think God must live the very mystery S/He/They created, which they so love.

We take comfort thinking all is known and complete and we are in good hands.

But I can't help thinking that living with us, with amazing surprises, disappointments and victories hard earned, and discovery, always new discovery, is God's passion. It is certainly the noblest addiction: the mystery, and the discovery.

I think we need to delve deeper into what is meant by the term “God”.

“God” isn’t a separate entity making decisions and determining the outcome of events for humans.

“God” is ALL of life—a collective appreciation that we are all connected.

I guess it’s almost easier to understand the true nature of God if you think of the word as a state of being—“God” is the collective state of consciousness on a quantum level where we ALL coexist harmoniously.

Well it sounds like you do some of your better thinking when imbibing the peace pipe.

Or to the question of what are odds that we are only higher life from alone in the universe?

Or how did organic and cellular life begin - I don’t think the training data sets for AI have anything remotely close though so all mere speculation.

I don’t think we know how truly ignorant we are. I think we think there may only be small gaps in our knowledge - but I think they are huge.

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