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September 26, 2023


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It's interesting how a moment of anger can blind a person to the obvious opportunity before them. Like the man in line losing his opportunity to get checked out sooner.

But he lost another opportunity. To support YOU...To support the people around him by just being patient.

"They also serve who stand and wait."
John Milton

But at the same time the man who became irritated was exercising his freedom to move where he was more comfortable. Certainly it felt better for him to do something, to pack up and move elsewhere. Not sure there is a lesson actually, except that having freedom of choice, while from one perspective can give a person greater power and comfort, can in some instances, when driven by anger or resentment, shoot a person in the foot.

Now that man must start in the line all over again.

But no problemo...There is always another line.

A woman at the compost bin gave me attitude, because she didn't realize my plastic bag was made to disintegrate. "Is it recyclable?" she demanded. I placed it on the flap, but it didn't roll in as expected. "Well, put it in at least, why don't ya?" she grumbled.

It completely threw me. I always felt virtuous about making the extra effort and never anticipated moral scrutiny.

Moral: Nobody expects the Organics Binquisition.

So many words… 😅

Something strange happens to the mind when it reaches its 70s. It’s starts to slow down and it replays stories almost slower than in real time. I see this in my parents and many other 70+ individuals.

Perhaps your 70s are the perfect time to write that “Great American Novel” that you’ve spent your life dreaming about..

Then again, since you don’t have free will, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever write that novel.

details, you could have saved two "details" in your comment above, but I guess you're old enough to want to display your user name in a longer fashion than needed. Hey! According to you, we've got something in common! Thanks for reading every word of my blog post. Means a lot to me. I'm fine with criticism of what I write, just so long as people are reading me. Great to know that I have a fan who cares enough to leave a comment on this blog post.

@details, we can’t know before the fact, before they’ve actually done it, whether someone’s actually capable of writing fiction, of any genre, that is truly stand-out, obviously. But Brian’s already written lots of books, so we know he has the discipline to do that. And I’ve read more than enough of his writing, here on his blog, to be sure that, should he attempt fiction, he’ll at least be able to do a competent job of it. Not to forget the whole host of themes discussed in depth on here, which means that he won’t be short of ideas that might inject a cerebral and philosophic depth to said, hypothetical novel. …I guess what I’m saying is, not only does your disdain come across as unprovoked pettiness and discourtesy, and therefore unbecoming; but also, probably, factually misplaced.

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