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August 05, 2023


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I’d like to think that the Dalai Lama is having a bit of a joke with the Chinese. He is known to be ‘playful’ at times – as well as being astutely political. Perhaps these two qualities go hand-in-hand as far as this successor situation is concerned.

On the other hand, if he is serious about the next Dalai Lama reincarnating into a female or even into a living adult, then that opens up new supernatural ground. Imagine, if reincarnation took place in an adult, and assuming all people are already reincarnations of someone who previously existed, what happens to the original incarnated entity? Perhaps it is sent back to have another go at becoming someone else. – a bit of an imposition if the original incarnation was a good one.

No, he’s got to be stirring the Chinese up. An independent, (of the state) new Dalai Lama can’t be born in Tibet, he/she would just be a puppet of the Chinese – unless such an independent Dalai Lama worked under cover and later flees to a free country. But, as the present Dalai Lama indicated, his next incarnation would be in a free country.

It’s all a bit of an implausible situation – better perhaps to ditch the whole idea of reincarnation and just choose a leader!

If a "narrative" speaks of "RE-incarnation", transmission , assimilation the question is WHAT is incarnated, transmitted or assimilated. They all have their own concepts. So much so what is possible in one narrative is not possible in the other. [soul]

The same holds for initiation into this or that narrative. It depends on the narrative and what is [publicly] explained, whether its an mere administrative activity or something else.

Then how far is it a matter of BELIEVING the narrative or something "real" is happening, something "done" bu the one that initiates.

In tibetan Buddhism the narrative at hand, there is much talk about transmission in the biographies of the great teachers of that narrative..

@ Karim ... you see what do WE know about these things and what CAN we know ... it is all a matter of a narrative told and believed.

So if the Dalai Lama has no soul, what does incarnate in the next body.

For those that are interested, there is a film on the gradual awakening of the son of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu the great Dzogchen master that lived in Rome and the recognition of being an re-incaranation of an previous great master. At first the boy was not willing to accept even his fathers culture let alone the religious rest, but his dreams helped him.

There iis yet another movie about recognized tibetan souls in western bodies. Some of them are not willing and able to accept that role.


Maybe those that want can download it.
Even apart of the narrative and the believe of the narrative, there are several funny episodes in the docu.

The other are trailers

This is the whole video:

China is officially atheist. 😂 How can they pick the next Dalai Lama?

More importantly why are they even pretending to care?

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