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May 28, 2023


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This quote to me means life is meaningless and you are here only to suffer to some degree - those with the closest links to kaal suffer least, and those that are revealing truth suffer most. Its opposite to what you are told by the fake ass babas of beas.

In that suffering and pain you run to gurus, and fake ass baba, (who know the game as they work for kaal, the prince of this planet), and they take advantage of these suffering souls. Gurinder singh dhillon and RSSB is nothing but a junk yard for collecting lost souls looking for answers. He gives them his own answers and a satanic mantra that leads to even more confusion, suffering and pain - what a wicked trick kaal has created. Wake up sangat , as the one that you think is your salvage , is the very cause of your pain and suffering.

Interesting that you should quote Rumi. It was with the Sufis that I first started actively enquiring. The people I was with were Chisti Sufis (musicians). In the UK it had adapted to the western psyche and incorporated the insights of modern psychology.

It was the books of the contemporary Sufi teacher Idries Shah that I used to study. One of his books was entitled ‘The Commanding Self’, commanding self being synonymous with the Zen concept of self – or rather no-self.

The Sufis were tied in with Islamic law and worship; how they operate today I don’t know, I guess they must be careful not to go against the current culture. Even so, 1000 years ago they would still come out with things that were probably against the current thinking. I am thinking of El-Ghazali who said something along the lines of “Do nor think that what you believe is true, it may simply be your conditioning.

Is God a coward who always hides who does not come in front of anyone?

Is God a flatterer who always makes people worship and worship ?

The god of this world is hiding. What is he scared of?

Just like gurinder singh dhillon was hiding until covid. He only started doing q and a online when he knew sangat attention was beginning to drop over lockdowns. Now the circus clown tours with his road show everywhere, what a turnaround from a camera shy baba to a attention seeking narsasist.

"All intellects and sciences are stars, but Thou
art the sun of the world who rendest their veils.

The world is snow and ice, and Thou art the
burning summer—no trace of it remain, oh King, when Thy
traces appear.

Who am I—tell me—miserable I, that I should
subsist next to Thee? Thy glance annihilates me and a
hundred like me."
(The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi, by William C. Chittick, pg 179-80)

Rumi on the importance of the 'Living Guru', as his was Shams-e Tabrizi -imho

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