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May 24, 2023


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I really enjoyed this post and find the jestful barbs amongst 'the boys' fun. If you grow up with brothers often neither men nor women know what to make of one's communication style.
Freudian slips are the highlights of life for me, I had a good one this week (which I summarily now have forgotten). But liked that you referred to your 'marital arts buddies' here. Thanks. I'm sure no-one will notice and hope it stays.
And you are breaking ground with this unusual location for a brain tumor.

Agreed, it would be significantly more logical and enjoyable if for instance replies to a comment was sorted under that specific comment for easy reading.
The ability to 'like' comments to indicate appreciation (or rate them by for instance giving it 1 to 3 stars) would be nice too.
Typepad leaves much to be desired for inculcating engagement, presumably bc there is no financial incentive.
(The ad-free environment is nice though!)

19 years, and 3K++ substantial quality posts, often based off of solid reading --- that's truly remarkable.

It might be an idea to one day do a how-I-write piece, you know, like how writers sometimes discuss. How you derive your ideas, your "process", when and for how long you actually write, when and for how long you read.

While some writers do this, not everyone does, obviously, talk about their " process". Just an idea, is all. Only if you're comfortable doing a personal piece like this, and also if you yourself find value in it, which again you may or may not, this is such a personal thing.

But if you do, and if one day you do write a piece about your "process", then that would make for interesting reading.

"So its easy to misunderstand those with whom we interact online."

..........So true, agreed 100%.

Actually, even IRL, not just with strangers but even with those whom we know, and sometimes even with those whom we know intimately, misunderstandings are frequent enough, about all sorts of things. As you say, with online communication as here, written text is all we have to guide us, and none of those many non-verbal cues that we tend to take for granted and not even notice, but that are so very important for effective communication, are available to us. That makes such text-only communication even more susceptible to misunderstandings.

Agreed, that may be one reason why online discussions are sometimes so acrimonious. (Not the only reason, though. But probably an important one.)

"So its easy to misunderstand those with whom we interact online."

I try hard to find understanding with those I interact with online. If confusion is possibly present, I simply ask some probing questions. Hopefully, such will reduce any misunderstandings. Probing questions, have value for me, when engaging with others with regards to business and regulatory issues.

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