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May 14, 2023


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Touching, that post. Don't remember having read it, must've missed it when you first posted it.

And clearly you derive a good bit of your prodigious love for reading, and of spiritual seeking, from her. Your mother seems like she was lovely person.

True, we derive many of our traits from our parents, and other elders. But while some of these are for the good, and some quirky but not bad per se, but we also often inherit much that is nonsensical, much that is toxic, from them. Religion, for instance? And racism?

The genetic part is what it is. But we'd do well, each one of us, to introspect critically, and reject such of our traits that we unthinkingly learn from our parents and elders and tradition, that are dysfunctional and irrational and toxic; while cherishing those that are of worth.

Toxic ideas we inherit, and that we'd be far far far better off without :

Religion. Nationalism. Those two, above all. Consign them to the garbage, immediately.

Racism, obviously. Irrational superstitions that aren't religious per se: like astrology?

Politics as well, I'd say. How generations vote for one single political denomination, at least in some polities like the US.

By all means let's learn from our past. But let's not be hobbled by blind affiliation with tradition and ancestry. Let's all fucking think for ourselves.

And let's not keep brainwashing our young, so that they must needs break through afresh, such of them as have the wits to, such of them as have the heart to, from the stranglehold of tradition. Let's stop this completely unconscionable abuse of our young.

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