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April 16, 2023


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Well, reading through many of the response from ChatGPT regarding spiritual matters, it often ends up with the obvious statement that it is a matter of personal faith, belief and/or interpretation. This is all it can do, answer according to the thinking or concepts that are current at the time.

It’s obvious that all biological organisms survive primarily through being able to gather information. The human brain is the epitome of information gathering and processing, hence our amazing abilities to advance and improve our lives in all manner of ways.

Gathering information is obviously beneficial as a specie and also as individuals – we wouldn’t be able to function and exist without basic information. Accepting and incorporating information of a spiritual or religious nature, and using that to justify beliefs and existence can only have the effect of inflating a sense of self or ego. Consequently, perpetuating the separative, dualistic behaviour and approach to life that is the main cause of much of our suffering and conflict.

Play with information devices – if that benefits or amuses – but beware of using it to justify our beliefs and ourselves. I just hope that future comment on this blog continue to be of a thoughtful and inquiring nature and not the re-hash of computer generated ‘thinking’.

I don't know who created God. But I know that it's not God or religion that's destroying Portland Oregon.

There's no longer an REI in Portland. Closed due to rampant shoplifting and burglaries.

Nike has also closed one of its Portland stores, telling city officials the closure was due to shoplifting. Meanwhile, Walmart closed its only two Portland stores, citing financial reasons.

Last week, Coava Coffee Roasters, a coffee chain local to Portland, announced it is closing its downtown location due to the “extreme violence and criminal activity” its employees have endured.

Portland is no outlier, what's happening there is happening in most U.S. cities with a diverse population. Total anarchy, lawlessness, and violence. In no way can religion be said to be a cause of this breakdown in civilization.

What do I plan to do about it? I will do the same thing that all white progressive do -- I will live far far away from those neighborhoods. I mean, "oneness" is a concept that's best served in the abstract, and not even the most fervid white liberal would ever dare live in a diverse urban neighborhood.

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