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March 25, 2023


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Haha, true. Burden of proof is such a simple thing, and what's more it's like foundational to rational thinking, kind of like Logic & Rationality 101. And yet such astonishingly large numbers of people seem to be completely innocent of this very basic concept. Specifically when it comes to the God question, I must have faced this question like literally a hundred times, both online and IRL, and in all seriousness, not jokingly, "Well, can you prove that God does NOT exist?"

I read such colossal ignorance about such simple things as an indictment of our education system, that "teaches" kids for years and years, and then sends them out into the world without the ABCs of how to think straight.

...And agreed, that comment about Tiktok bespeaks that same ignorance. Sure, there could be other reasons, rooted in politics or political messaging or precedence or caution, that sort of thing, for banning the thing even in the absence of clinching evidence; but it is clear from what he says that this guy doesn't know the first thing about how to think straight.

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