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March 31, 2023


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Yes indeed. Absolute unvarnished joy.


Nor is it a matter of personal animosity, or of "hate" --- like the cross-eyed filth within the right wing (which is an alarmingly expanding fringe of it) like to spin it, as they spin everything they lay their foul hands on.

I do not personally wish him ill, the grotesque orange freak show. But at the personal level his unending lies and hypocrisy and grifting and sheer dishonesty need to be accounted for and paid for. And, more importantly, Trump is the culmination of this process of erosion of all values, where right and wrong and good and bad and reason and unreason all not just mix together but change places. So that, forget deeper philosophical ruminations on spirituality, but the brazenly irreligious and hypocritical are defined as the new religious, the transparently immoral as the new moral, the self-serving grifters the new patriots; and those who sincerely hold to these values are labelled their observe. It is a bizarre process where reason and morality and honesty and kindness and right and wrong are all turned on their head, resulting in a nightmare dystopia.

And while Trump is the most conspicuous representation of this process of the complete erosion of values from public life, but he represents a far deeper malaise. And nor is this restricted to the US, but is a poison that has spread to large swathes of the globe.

One hopes that that nightmare may, just perhaps, be starting, at long last, to lift. I know, it seems overly optimistic to read so much into this one small thing. And yet, who knows, just maybe?

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