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March 27, 2023


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@Brian “Religions exist because we can't grasp that the cosmos just is.”

Religious thinking has always attempted to fill the void of our questioning, fears and wonderment. I was reading up recently on theories of how religion – and more pertinently, religious beliefs – got started. The thinking is that it all kicked off with primitive humans believing spirits were animating forces dwelling in trees, animals, rivers etc. With the early Greeks and with religions like Hinduism a whole host of Gods appeared. And perhaps later the ‘One God’ idea emerged.

When it comes to the cosmos – as Brian states: - “Our inability to rest easily in the blunt fact of the cosmos' "is'ness" seems to relate to a fundamental limitation of the human mind.” And I believe this is so, but I reckon that much of the problem lies in not understanding what the mind is, how it manifests and generally how ‘it’ is not an organ or entity that can know any-thing

It is the brain that gathers information and channels it as memory and all this network of information constitutes what we call mind. Mind is all about thoughts, feelings, emotions, wills, imagination, memory and perception and is limited by the amount of information that the brain has or can acquire.

So basically, if we do away with the almost magical interpretation of mind, we end up acknowledging that a simple (perhaps not that simple!) brain/body organism does not have and may never have, the ability to take in the kind of information that explains the cosmos. Apart that is, from the ability to imagine spirits, Gods or ad hoc supernatural forces to account for what we cannot comprehend.

We do tend to use the term mind in an almost reverential manner, forgetting that it may merely be the conscious end product of all the knowledge and information that the brain/body has accrued.

You're right, we thinking humans can't accept that the cosmos just came into being all on its own.

That's because it's the most preposterous idea possible: that the entire universe, with all its incomprehensibly vast and manifold laws of order, just "bing* appeared one day out of total nothingness.

And that life *bing* just happened to appear on day on earth. There are no words to fairly describe how absurd that notion is. What could be more absurd?

How about that transgenderism is perfectly normal, and that when a trans pumped full of drugs and woke concepts about God being passe murders children at a Christian school, it's somehow the fault of the people who won't disarm the public. A close second in absurdity for sure.

@ Brian ji [ They ("religious believers") choose not to grapple with the notion that the cosmos just is. Always has been. Always will be. It just is. ]

Not all of them do, imo. Mystics for instance invest notionally in a
God or guru as a starting point but jettison grappling with the mind.
Instead they rely on mindfulness and resultant growing awareness
to first quiet the mind's chatter and then distance themselves from
it. With lessened distractability, they see within and transcend the
trap of dualism, beyond past and future, beyond being and nothing-
ness, etc. They don't have to bet on either 'GOD" or "Just is"
without experiencing the actuality first.

Religions exist for the foolish people that are looking for a saviour figure. Take for example Gurinder singh dhillon, the fake ass guru who is more than happy to entice innocent souls into his web of lies, deception; using his system of mind numbing satanic mantra and hard work resulting in a worthless empty life for a complete stranger. Don't fall for this trap as all he wants is to be worshiped as a god on the outside and on the inner realms, as he hates souls which are particals of god. Remember only kaal and satan require your worship . Gurinder your fully exposed as the evil baba , a soul reaper for your for your god (Lucifer), and you will face your karma.

@ Kranvir

>> Remember only kaal and satan require your worship <<

How do you know Kranvir?
Have you met Kal and Satan?

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