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March 21, 2023


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We kill and are killed for concepts, that can not be measured, or handled by science.

The believe in democracy etc has formed the USA as described at length and in detail by Alexis the Tocqueville.

What would The USA look like these days without the religious baggage the inhabitants and its politicians brought from Europe?

People act upon and talk about their dreams, their thoughts, their feelings and ythese days also about their so called inner experiences either spontaneous or artificial provoked. These to cannot made seen or measured but what would human life be without them?

If a member of an indigenous tribe that has never had contact with the USA would turn home after a visit to the usa how would he report what he had seen but in his own native language ... language of which the concepts are all related to the history of living in that geophysical place.

Because Abraham and Mozes could not bypass their inner experiences and their tribes men believing them, the world is as it it is now and in the middle east you can see what it means .."an chosen people and a promissed land"

You might not believe but THEY do and THAT is a fact

What is psychology and Psychotherapie all about ... measurable FACTS
hahahaha ....

Dr. Joe Dispenza

I’ve just come across this quote from U. G. Krishnamurti; Although he often comes across as somewhat exasperating in what he says, the quotes below describes a certain life truism: -

“This question haunted me all my life and suddenly it hit me: 'There is no self to realize. What the hell have I been doing all this time?' You see, that hits you like lightning. Once that hits you, the whole mechanism of the body that is controlled by this thought is shattered. What is left is the tremendous living organism with an intelligence of its own. What you are left with is the pulse, the beat and the throb of life.” - U. G. Krishnamurti.

It’s perhaps possible, that when certain thoughts, concepts and words are realised as being unnecessary in life, and cease to carry the ponderous weights of anticipated hopes and fears, then a certain lightness and freedom ensues – taking one back to the simplicity of being what one is and seeing life in general being as it is.

The perception of a thing (physical, emotional, psychological, or any combination thereof) does not make it a thing in or of itself.

Without the use of a labelling system for our perceived experiences of sensory data input, we would not be able to communicate with others about the experience.

But the label itself simply points to the experience of the thing but not the thing itself.

Whatever the thing is, it is not a thing in or of itself.

What we refer to as a tree is not a tree in or of itself.

It is an ever -changing process of causality happening in now-ness and has no substantive or independent essence of tree-ness.

It exists as a perceived and labelled tree dependent on causes and conditions.

No thing is as it seems. How it seems is our perceived and conditioned story that we add in to the bare sensory data input.

The thing that we perceive we are, is subject to the same confusion.

>> What we refer to as a tree is not a tree in or of itself.<<


This kind of phrases, to me are like the word "love".

What people call a tree, I too call a tree.otherwise they will lock me up.
What people have to say about that tree, depends on their conditioning and is different for all [ the connotative meaning }
Apart from that I would not know what a tree is or is not and I do not care.

How could I say something about a thing if THAT what is shared with others is stripped from it?

The rooms are seen through and by the walls, the doors and windows, if I strip the room from the wall what for heavens sake remains to be said

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