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March 26, 2023


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Indeed, praise the guru. Praise God. Praise all His angels. Praise all Saints.

The orange scumbag has been indicted, finally. Hallelujah!

In other news Bi-effing-bi looks like heading the same way. Hopefully.

Perhaps the world's changing, a bit? Might the nightmare be lifting? Could it be that the world is finally being cleansed of the brazenly lying hypocritical right-wing filth that had seemed to be overrunning it, the world over?

Call me Pollyanna, but one can hope, when there's at least a sliver of possibility that all isn't quite lost, that sanity and right and wrong haven't lost all meaning.

Praise Jesus. Praise Amida Buddha. Allah hu akbar. Jibber jabber jabber hallelujah.

Hi again, AR Let me give one more personal example from my own Sant Mat experience. In the past claims were made about Sant Mat, in particular, RSSB, that it requires belief in the Master as God In Human Form. I pointed out that there is no such vow required. Even an atheist can become a Satsangi if they are sincere about following the vows and working diligently to advance their own meditation progress. The vows are not vows of devotion or belief, merely guidelines to support a life of development in meditation practice.

This was how I understood the path when I first learned about it. I was initiated with a group that includes engineers from Rocketdyne and Cal Tech. We took Sant Mat from a scientific perspective, and having seen astounding scientific truths emerge in our own areas of professional interest were not about to dismiss anything out of hand. Not one single person initiated in our group believed the Master was anything more than a teacher of meditation, and they justified this by quoting Maharaji, Sawan and Juget, three Masters, who all instructed initiates to carry no other belief, and to let their emerging experience become their Truth moving forward. The fact that there are no vows requiring any statement of belief whatsoever appealed greatly to us and I don't think we would have applied for Initiation had there been any such requirement.

Now, having said this it is also quite clear, and visible, that traditional Satsangis were deeply connected to the path as a devotional path with the Master as, basically, their Christ on earth. Within one single system you have such a large span. But this is also so in Christianity, in Judaism, and most other schools of belief and practice. Indeed, if you read the book of Ecclesiastes and the book of Job in the Holy Bible you find Atheism's best arguments that today form the foundation of most modern tenets of Atheism ('From the dirt I came and to the dirt I will return and no one has ever come back to say otherwise'). In Judaism the claim is made that no one can actually know God. So, therefore any human definition is going to be at best subjective.

Here is a direct quote that reflects what many of us understood about Sant Mat when we were initiated...written by the Great Master in Dawn of Light.. "An individual may follow any religion he professes, but everyone can practice the science of spirituality and conduct the experiment of connecting the soul with the Lord within....in order to realize God, he has to enter the laboratory of his body in the same manner as a student of science enters his Laboratory. "

Now you may also find many quotations where mystics, including, for example, the founder of Sant Mat, Shiv Dayal Singh, and Jaimal Singh, who advised that progress could only be made by regarding the Master as God and devoting oneself entirely to him / her. How can both teachings exist within the same school? Happens all the time.

It's a matter of our own subjective understanding, what that needs to be to facilitate practice and adopting an observant, positive and open mind to our practice. Some need to have their Christ. Others need to take a calmer observant approach. Some need a path of love and devotion. Others need a path that dismisses all notions and emotion, and in place replaces direct perception.... A path of knowledge. These are merely different approaches to the practice of meditation as the laboratory for actual direct discovery and repeated verification and testing

Dear Brian - IDENTIFY why only 36 (posts) are (tagged) with "Open Thread", but we are on (Open) Thread number 45?

Are you (posting) threads in another (dimension)?

Anyway, here's an article containing an inner light and sound meditation group (Lifewave... which incidentally appears to have had a FAR higher "success" rate in their, predominantly western, students having life changing and mind expanding experiences with inner sound pro rata than any RS group I'm aware of), near death experiences, psychedelics, climate change, Trump and more!



Manjit, back in March 2018 I said this in Open Thread 13. It appears that I didn't have an Open Thread category for the initial Open Threads to be categorized in. That explains the discrepancy between the number of Open Threads and how many appear in that category. Suppose I could search out the older Open Threads and insert the category when I have the time and inclination.

"Leave a comment on this post about anything you want to talk about. Though I haven't been doing too well on this, I'll try to remember to always have an Open Thread showing in the Recent Posts section in the right sidebar. If one isn't showing, I've added an Open Threads category in, naturally, the Categories section. So you can always find an Open Thread that way."

Dear Brian - Well IDENTIFIED! I don't think you need to retrospectively tag posts. I was just curious if you were posting threads in sahansdal kanwal or sach khand and hadn't invited me 🥺

Anyway, here's a curious snippet of a discussion on consciousness and matter:


Things get curiouser and curiouser. Coming across this recent article:


I was led to the following discussion from 13 months ago:


Would it be too forward to say this short discussion puts to the sword and highlights the lies of much, if not all, the ideological, materialist philosophising that occurs on this blog, and in just 1 hour? It's almost like the blog author and several commentators may not quite be observing "reality as it is", but rather through a materialist, conceptual and ideological glass, darkly....🤔


Your personal example and perspective on Sant Mat offer a refreshing and insightful take on spirituality and belief. It's admirable how you emphasize the importance of sincerity and diligent meditation practice over rigid adherence to doctrinal beliefs. Your experience with a group that approached Sant Mat from a scientific perspective, rather than a purely devotional one, highlights the diversity of interpretations within spiritual paths.

The absence of a requirement to believe the Master as a deity resonates with those who value autonomy in their spiritual journey. It's encouraging to hear how this aspect appealed to you and your group, fostering a sense of openness and exploration.

Your comparison to other religious traditions, such as Christianity and Judaism, adds depth to the discussion, showcasing the nuanced nature of belief and practice across different cultures and faiths. It's fascinating to consider how diverse interpretations can coexist within the same system, reflecting the complexity of human spirituality.

Thank you for sharing your experience and shedding light on the multifaceted nature of Sant Mat and spirituality as a whole. Your insights contribute to a broader understanding of the intersection between belief, practice, and personal experience.

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