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March 29, 2023


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There’s this whole thing in Buddhism (more in Zen I believe) about ‘just siting’, not having any desires or pre-conceived notions about sitting. One story I like that describes this: - A student approaches another. “What are you doing?” “Nothing he replies.” “Then you are just sitting there?” “If I were just sitting here, I’d be doing something.” “What is this nothing you are not doing.” “Even the Buddhas do not know.”
Sort of leaves you nowhere! Best go for a walk.

You could spend your entire life as the most honest, kindest and generous person on earth and still things will happen to you that you don’t like, things that will cause you harm.

You could spend your entire life lying, being unkind and stingy and still win the lottery and spend the rest of your life lapping it up in luxury.

That’s because human life isn’t fair.

It isn’t just.

It’s simply the process of causality happening in now-ness, that you will either not like or like and that will determine your reaction to it.

But the quality of human life is determined not by external circumstances.

It’s determined by the quality of mind that either reacts in unhelpful ways to it and worries, or responds in a helpful way……….. and does not.

To develop and maintain peace of mind, the most helpful approach is to do the least amount of physical, emotional or psychological harm to yourself, others and the world around you.

And the most helpful way to realize this is to develop and maintain conscious awareness of the quality of your mind state in now-ness.

That is the learning opportunity that such provides.

There's a not-so-subtle difference between authentic Buddhist practice and the Alan Wattsian philosophy that appears on this blog.

The statement "mindfulness and meditation aren't about improving ourselves" is at best only half right. That's because genuine Buddhism isn't solipsism,

This quote by Suzuki Roshi pithily explains the proper aims of mindfulness:

"You are perfect as you are,
and you could use some improvement."

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