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March 15, 2023


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Nice article! Thank you… lots to think about. 😊

The irony of Mindfulness is that the mind is happiest when it sort of “disconnects”, if you will, from the body…

The mind feels entrapped by this lump of clay we refer to as our human selves. It’s the ethereal that the mind truly aspires to join.

If you don’t believe me, just try ketamine.

When a need can be met, the mind will not worry. Hopefully so.

We have very few basic needs to survive and thrive as human beings.

For most, those needs can be met without worrying about such.

However, there are many THINGS physical, emotional, psychological, or any combination thereof, that we can use to make life easier.

Although it might take some effort to obtain those THINGS, they too can be gained without worrying about it.

The worrying aspect of the mind arises on the basis that we want some THING as opposed to needing some THING.

The wise realize that no THING has any degree of permanence or substantiality in or of themselves.

The fool thinks they do, and live continuously based on wanting THINGS to be other than they are, and continue to worry.

Wisdom is realizing the difference between a need and a want, responding to both in a way that is appropriate, and therein providing the most helpful opportunity to develop or maintain Peace of Mind.

Ah, memory lane...remember when the court ruled that ss marriage is legal? Pundits in support scoffed at those who said it was a slippery slope. How absurd! Yet here we are not even 10 years later with pronoun enforcement at corporations, men in girl's college (and high school!) locker rooms, and a huge shift in young people's ss ideation, with a blessing for underage breast removal and castration.

Ah, remember those 2 years they told us that covid was so dangerous? Covid is still here...but funny, no one seems to know anyone who died from it who wasn't fat as truck, ill, or very old. "The shots save the world!" Sure they did. "The virus didn't come from a lab in China, you racist!" Uh yeah it did, obviously.

Ah, remember Jan 6. "They killed 4 police officers!" Actually, no. "Horns guy was a terrorist!" Actually no, "Trump must have given secret orders!" Actually, no.

Ah, remember a year ago. "Ukraine is winning!" "Putin is crazy, his army is losing, he wants to take over Europe!" Actually, no. "Zelinksy is a hero"! Actually, no. Zelinsky lied, and you can bet he's extremely wealthy right now. The neocons who cheered on this war have only many thousands of dead Ukrainians to show for their ardent lust for bumfights on the other side of the planet. Ukraine never had a chance of winning, but our media told us otherwise, and if you disagreed, "you're a tool of Putin!"

"Spending hasn't caused this inflation!" Uh, yeah it did Janet.

"Gas stoves kill children!" Uh, no.

"No more gas powered cars allowed, we must save the planet from burning up!" Uh no.

So tired of being lied to. So tired of seeing the masses blindly accept lie after lie after lie.

Tucker, check out Russel Brand’s podcast. You’ll like it.

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