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March 01, 2023


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Brian. I wonder if your instant knowing experience is what I know as a moment of clarity. Whether or not it can be called enlightenment, I don’t know. I always thought such moments were common place, as they pervade my head often. I don’t see them as anything special – although they are pleasant in that when they occur everything feels just as it should be. It doesn’t feel to be thought, in fact just the opposite.

I wonder if they can become so commonplace that a feeling of living every day in a kind of acceptance gradually becomes the norm. Even when life become a bit fraught that too falls into accepted. It could also be described as feeling embraced, of being part of life, being connected.

Perhaps as they say in Zen – we are already enlightened; we just don’t realise it.

I can see how that would be a mystical experience. The specialness of religion is what divorces it from spirituality.

Releasing the mind from the specialness obsession of the ego is indeed enlightening.

We’re all One… ❤️

I too had an enlightenment experience recently. I was hit by a bright light and a voice from heaven that told me "every iota of creation is proof there is a creator."

I spoke to the voice, and said, "you can't fool me. The entire universe came from absolutely nothing. The nothingness created everything. It didn't need a creator. It just happened on its own, just like that."

The voice just laughed.

@ Sant Mat

BEFORE a thing
there was NO-thing

That states only that things were once not ... that is all ... nothing more nothing less.

And that is what we witness ... things appear, exist for a while and finally disappear

There is nothing to be said about the orgin of things, twhat keeps them allive and what makes them vanish again.


To be alive there is no need to know these things .. being alife is an fact. and that fact is enough to make coffe.

>> It was: You're just an ordinary person.
Nothing special. Nothing really to be proud of.<<

My nephew, most of his career having spend in the [high grade] restaurant business comes now and then to see his uncle, have a walk in the forest and have some food and or a drink.

Being a kind of idealist, he easily is painfully aware of the shortcomings of the staaf in the establishments where we have a drink or some food.

He knows or could have known that overtime the old-style french service has gone with the mind and that staff members are often recruited from the university..

One day, when his frustration and irritation was at peak .. I smiles and laughed at him saying .. look nephew, just look for once ...these are not waiters these are "plate carriers"

That very moment his attention was drawn away from his thoughts and feelings and he started laughing and laughing for minutes at a stretch and i even had to calm him down

There and then he turned the key in the lock of the door. ... he will have many from these experiences in the future if he is courageous enough

What matters is the shift in focus .. this time it were the waiters, that were used as a stick to hit him on his head ... hahaha

Nobody changes .. you have always been a normal human being.

I had an intuition while I was in question and answers of gurinder singh dhillon rssb. It was that he does not answer the questions, they leave me in more confusion rather than crystal clear clarity. I then realised I can answer my own questions with more clarity than this Charleton baba of beas. If this is the case , then why do I need a guru. I then asked why am I bowing down to this man, what makes him more special than anyone else; why does he need Z level security; and indeed why am I here. The long and short of it was that I was mislead, I followed the crowd, and my parents. It was a wasted 20 years of life I would never get back.


1. belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.

"St. Theresa's writings were part of the tradition of Christian mysticism"

⬆️ that was the first definition entry and I like it. Time spent with a specific teacher is never wasted. You learned something. You’ll continue to learn and grow. You were seeking and seekers tend to make seeking a lifelong journey. In fact, the mystic path is a lifelong journey whether you have one teacher, two teachers, multiple or none. You’re getting closer to knowing your true self.

I hesitate to write certain things because everything I write comes true. (I should probably write that I won the lottery or something.) I won’t say I’m old, but I will say that the past 4 years have been more like 14 years. So many changes.

And yet, from a mystical perspective I am closer to the beginning of time. In some ways I feel younger. In some ways I feel much older. Time and the experience of time has shifted dramatically.

I don’t have any anxiety anymore. It’s like there is a master plan and all I have to do is go along with it—really feels lighter. Not much to worry about.

In Christian Mysticism, “sin” is seen as a mistake to be corrected rather than an evil to be punished. This helps to save time or “abolish time”. There is a pretty big difference there.

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