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March 13, 2023


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Thanks for posting, Brian. After listening to the director's analysis of the
choreography and stunning energy on display, I remembered a few of
us talking to a Bollywood actor nearly 20 years ago. It turned out he
hadn't gotten a role because he said the dancing had become far too
strenuous for him at age 40!

Loved the video. Haven’t seen the movie but I hope not all atheists are opposed to fantasy.

Here are some advantages of the multiverse paradigm:

Explaining the fine-tuning of our universe: The laws of physics that govern our universe are finely tuned to allow for the existence of life. Some scientists argue that the existence of a multiverse could explain why our universe appears to be so finely tuned - if there are an infinite number of universes, then it becomes less surprising that at least one of them would have the necessary conditions for life to emerge.

Exploring alternative histories and possibilities: In a multiverse, each universe would have its own unique history and set of possibilities. This could provide a rich source of inspiration for science fiction writers and could also allow scientists to explore alternative histories and what-if scenarios.

Understanding quantum mechanics: Some interpretations of quantum mechanics suggest that particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously until they are observed or measured. In a multiverse, each possible outcome would occur in a different universe, which could help us better understand the mysterious workings of quantum mechanics.

Advancing our understanding of the universe: The existence of a multiverse would be a major discovery that could revolutionize our understanding of the universe. It would open up new avenues of research and exploration, and could lead to breakthroughs in physics, cosmology, and other fields.

Enriching our sense of wonder and imagination: The concept of a multiverse is a fascinating and mind-bending idea that can inspire awe and wonder. It can also spark the imagination and encourage people to think creatively about the nature of existence and reality.

Watched a bit of the Awards. After Ricky Gervais and after Will Smith, afraid I found it insipid, flat, completely tame. They need to fit in at least one kick to the groin next time, after having set those high (or low, whatever) standards in the past.

But seriously, I liked that it was actually more representative of diversity this time. Not in perfunctory ticking-the-boxes mode, but organically. Applause for that.

The hottest thing about the ceremony this time? My unequivocal vote goes for Deepika Padukone, the lady who introduced the Naatu dance.

(It was Tucker Carlson of Fox News who fashioned that lie, of course.)

A lie. Dear me. Where is the footage of Jacob Chansley doing something that merits 4 years in a federal prison? I'm sure the author of this blog has seen this truly secret footage of Chansley doing something truly criminal, else he'd never publish such a thing. Or perhaps we're on another merry tear, when he floated the idea that Gurinder Singh murdered his wife.

None of the Jan 6 people are as scary to me as today's progressives, many of whom seem to have reincarnated from the era of Société des Jacobins.


OMG get over it.

Shabbat died. She’s dead. Whatever. Why? How? Who really cares?

Maybe she died a terrible death.

Maybe she died accidentally.

Maybe she died peacefully.

The truth is NO ONE gives a single SHIT except for you and her husband and kids.

DEAL WITH IT, ALREADY! No one lives forever!!!!

Fact: she’s dead.

Fun fact: a lot of other innocent people have died as well.

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