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March 07, 2023


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It is practically accepted by neuroscience that our brains create our reality. The way we (and other creatures) function in our respective environments is apparently all down to how our brains, via our senses, interpret the immediate physical world in which we live and have evolved in.

We humans seem to live in a mostly mental world, one created by the forming of concepts. Our senses, like other species, receive the same data while the brain interprets our reality according to our beliefs thoughts and opinions, and generally our cognitive conditioning. Other animals may interpret their surroundings through smell, vision, taste, skin etc. giving them a different reality.

Logically, if we humans alter the brain in some way, perhaps through chemicals or other means, then this must distort (or alter) our customary interpretations of reality. I wouldn’t think this alters conscious awareness, but just presents a different perception of reality to be conscious of – unless of course, through anesthesia, more of the brain is deactivated causing even its capacity of awareness to cease functioning.

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