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March 17, 2023


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In this small country in Europe, that once was divided in terrible war between Calvinist protestant reformers and Roman Catholics, that country that used their religious believes to brutally colonialise parts of the world and became wealthy by the trafficking of slaves, in this country religion has become an ceremonial affair, where they have to import priests from outside Europe, where churches are closed all most every week as nobody is going there.

Now religion is no longer an means to serve their goals, they en mass leave it behind.

>> But as Morell noted, Ben-Gvir and his allies view themselves as being God's agents -- which doesn't leave room for flexibility in interpreting the "manufacturer's instructions." Such is the danger of religious extremism.<<

It is just a way to hide behind the authority of another, his status, expertise.
Be it science or religion or otherwise.

It starts early in life when children, play out one parent against the other ...or when they push their parents to change their mind, saying that ...ALL other parents, girls boys ...etctetc are doing...allowed.

Humans act as humans,in all circumstances of life like plants, animals, like everything in the universe. The form may change but otherwise there is nothing new to be seen.

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