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February 17, 2023


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A friend of my who lived in Wales (UK) once said to me: - "I didn't think of myself as Eng-lish until I came to Wales". When the Nigerian playwright says that there are no black Africans only Igbo and Yoruba, Ewe, Akan, Ndebele, in fact there are no Igbo etc., only people, she is still categorizing – as we all do.

In the UK, people quite proudly identify themselves by city, county, country (Wales, Scotland or N. Ireland). The main criteria in identifying where one is from is dialect. Even in Wales where the Welsh language is still spoken, non-Welsh speaking people still have strong, identifiable accents.

The point here is that where there are no physical differences, people still feel safe knowing who the person is and where they are from. More importantly, it reinforces their own identity (sense of self) through believing that partly what/who they are is their country, town etc. Of course, there are a multitude of ways to believe you know who you are perhaps through religion, social position, family, profession, spiritual beliefs etc.

I pessimistically – perhaps realistically – don’t believe that people can ever drop such beliefs as to what/who they are. It seems to be a very natural arrangement. After all, many other creatures have strict social structures, with a dominant head of their clan, enemies, close allies and lower members of the group who have to take last place in mates, food etc.

Who knows, perhaps as we further evolve, we will develop an attitude of unity toward each other. But history and present-day politics, nationalistic, cultural, religious and many other self-reinforcing groupings say differently.

Duality has good and evil. But it also has evil that hides behind good. Keep away from gurinder singh dhillon and any form of RSSB. They are snakes in sheeps clothing. These entities have trapped souls in this duality for eons.

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