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February 21, 2023


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Mindfulness follows on nicely from the previous blog on Advaita/Buddhism. I would gravitate more toward Buddhism especially Zen or Chan as their basic theory is to understand the self along with the mind-body connection.

And yes, there is a certain disconnect we have habitually fallen into; not only the disconnect between thoughts and the reality of what the body is doing or feeling at the moment, but a disconnect between the ever-rambling contents of the mind and the on-going reality of the natural world around us. So much so that we decidedly feel that we are separate from nature. And perhaps mindfulness can help to reconnect one to the nature of one’s own body, to other people and also to the natural world.

The Zen Buddhist way in particular is to study the reason for this disconnect that we feel –being the cause of much of our suffering and conflict. To this end. Their way of mindfulness is to study the self either through meditation or as Goldberg says, “a person can practice mindfulness while engaged in literally any activity,”

‘Mindful’ mindfulness could help evade the pitfall that is common, where practicing meditation is done for various spiritual reasons, for states and revelations. One could say that mindfulness, just watching one’s inclinations and habits of mind and recognising as Neupert mentions, helps ‘to respond rather than react,’ is in itself a spiritual practice in that it reconnects.

It’s a lovely thought, being at one with oneself, other people and the natural world – of which we are an integral part. Perhaps mindfulness can help toward that – or are we so entrenched in our habitual divisive ways of thinking, believing and behaving that such is a pipe-dream!

Mindfulness could be thought of in terms of;

Time is a human concept to communicate change.

Change is the only constant in the known universe and as such can never be static.

The past only exists as a memory and the future only exists as a projection.

The process of causality, that links the past to the future, I refer to as now-ness.

Now-ness is the non static flow of experience.

In our everyday communication we use terms such as now, moment or present to try and communicate our current experience, but even the word current is deceptive as it too is within the flow of now-ness.

Conscious awareness is going with the flow of now-ness and responding to the flow of experience as is appropriate to the experience.

All human experience happens within now-ness.

Roger, good comments - nicely put.

Thanks Ron E. Same to you too .................

@ Roger [ The past only exists as a memory and the future only exists as a projection. ]

Interestingly, that's how it's experienced but, if I understand mysticism's Iswar Puri,
we actually live totally in the past. The entire drama was created at once and we're
living the fabricated storyline serially now. But that doesn't comport with our strong
sense of a future of course. The answer is a subtle trick to conjure a future. Just
preface an event with a feeling of hope, fear, or even neutral anticipation. It's a
very small motion, particularly neutral anticipation, in the windmills of our mind but
it occurs nonetheless according to mystics. Without it, we'd just be remembering
another moment in the past... which it really is! But that would be no fun.

In the “now” of mystical meditation practice, one finds release from time. There is no real present in this temporal world that is in fact now past.

This life is but a dream. The less we dwell on the past or project into our imaginary future, the closer to reality we get. And that feels good.

People can have a mystical experience even without believing in the supernatural. The more in tune we are with nature the more we begin to recognize a connectedness among all living things. That connectedness—that Oneness—is what some people call God.

Call it what you want—we’re more at peace when we recognize our connectedness.

Look for the opportunities in your life where you can have mindfulness - being fully present . Keep it simple, we don't need special secret mantra meditation to make you feel special and superior. Mantra meditation is nothing but calling kaal , Lucifer and lead you down the path of the negative in this duality. Rssb and gurinder singh dhillon is based on bhagti and satanic mantra meditation. The first secret name is jot nirunjan, meaning light of the devil and the other names (onkar, rarunkar, sohung, satnam) are stepping stones to kaal. Beware of the crook gurinder singh dhillon he is a deception to what is a simple mindfulness , meditation, the right for all souls.

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