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February 05, 2023


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My two cents:

A good soul. .... [all souls are good ... hahaha]

Good is judgmental and as far as I remember they, the guru's [ He and the one that trained him] make never statements in public about people. If they have to, they will say something about what people do, think and feel and if so, only in general terms.

So somebody must have asked him about the owner of this blog and I guess it must have been something critical as far as the questioner was concerned.

One need not be a guru or be seen as a guru, to understand, that they will abstain from making public comments. ... unless one has the character of an Trump ... hahaha

“ So Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.”
Matt. 10:18

You are indeed a strange person. You accused Gurinder Singh of possibly killing his wife, and so it's hard to credit your patting yourself on the back and pretending that never happened.

October 14, 2022
"Shabnam Dhillon's death leaves questions unanswered"

You posted a comment from one of your fellow conspiracy theorists:

"A picture speaks a thousand words ... The Happy Couple NOT. The questionable timing of Shabnam's death. Her body was cremated. Will the truth ever come out?"

And then you commented:

"The timing and circumstances of her death are indeed curious, leading to questions." After which you detailed the Ranbaxy story and intimated that Gurinder possibly had Shabnam murdered to keep her quiet.

Readers of this blog, all 10 of them, can read the October 14 2022 for themselves.

Dolus, I never said or intimated that Gurinder Singh had his wife killed. That's a flat out lie. What I correctly said was that the timing of her death raised questions. One notable question, obviously, is that if Gurinder Singh, the RSSB guru, is indeed God in Human Form, then how is it that God in Human Form allowed his wife to go to England for surgery?

Either God in Human Form actually isn't very godlike, and had no idea that his wife was going to die because of her trip to England, or God in Human Form knew she would die and allowed that to happen anyway. Either way, this raises some big philosophical/religious questions.

Regarding the circumstances of Shabnam's death, as I've noted before, an English coroner also had questions about how she died, since an inquest into her death was held months after her death and cremation. Lastly, you're mixing together what I've said about her death with what other people have said about her death. I stand by what I've written on this subject.

@ Dolus

>>Readers of this blog, all 10 of them, can read the October 14 2022 for themselves.<<

What a funny phrase.

How do you know there are "10 " ..."readers"?

It’s nice when two people can get along even if they don’t agree.

We’re One but we’re not the same.

After twelve months of death, death, loss, death, loss, death and more loss I’m suffering from compassion fatigue. It’s a real thing. You just go numb after a while. I guess it’s a self defense mechanism. But I’m working on giving myself the space I need to reconnect with the world. It’s sort of ironic really.

Sounds like the guru is compassionate. Honestly, his job is the least appealing job I can even imagine. That’s why it’s good that we’re not the same.

The Singh brothers were finally sentenced after being held for nearly two years. They got 6 months. I think they are supposed to get out sometime in March. 6 months isn’t bad, considering, but in reality it’s like they served three years.

Time served will leave scars. Takes lots of forgiving and forgetting to move on.

As for GSD’s wife—well, that was just tragic all the way around. I’m not sure there’s ever a “good time” to die, but trying to recover from surgery in the midst of those incredibly stressful circumstances would have proved challenging for anyone. Stress is truly the most lethal of all human conditions.

Dolus' rant indicates he is a true believer in GSD. He wants to tell us that you do not question anything associated with the guru. Blind faith, performing obeisance at the feet of the guru. Humans are endowed with the faculty of critical thinking. It is our responsibilty to our ourselves, to question everything. Since assuming the mantle of spiritual leader of rssb in 1990, GSD has not written a single book. He has focused on wealth and power, and is mired in numerous scandals. In fact, since he became the spiritual leader, rssb has steadily become what is today - a cult. I have watched interviews with surviving Branch Davidians. Their fanatical devotion to David Koresh is intact - they are convinced the group will be reunited on the other side.

Pharisees and Sadducees!

Well, he does have a profoundly sharp and powerful mind. I’ve yet to meet anyone who compares. That said, one should always keep their eyes open.

I still struggle to find the answers of 3 questions

1. Why GSD sent his wife for a Weight loss surgery and told court it is urgent and can't attend Court Hearing . He gave excuse of Diabetic etc, for himself and did his so called satsang

2. Why didn't he give his address in Death certificate and gave address of his partner dentist (who earn millions) while he has his own house inside his Haynes centre( though he got it free)

3. Why he asked Court not to public his Tax Return, was there something to hide?

He is not honest so how he can be God in Human Form

"We are an open book" except when someone wants to open that book!

@Tell the Truth

I don’t think he really claims to be God in Human Form. That’s an antiquated concept. He keeps trying to get the sangat to understand that “God” is the Shabd. He’s a guru and a teacher but no one single person can be or ever has been God for the simple fact that God is the Oneness and Unity of all souls/spirit.

But the sangat is slow to let go of their desire to have a human to worship. He keeps trying to explain it but no one is listening.

Dear No Kool-Aid,

You wrote:

“Blind faith, performing obeisance at the feet of the guru.”

The RS Masters have never preached that one should have blind faith or “perform obeisance”. Most of their physical interactions with devotees revolve around Q & A. They encourage questions unlike most faiths.

I was a member of this football hooligan club RSSb for over 20 years.
Let me state it clearly , his wife shabnam came for a routine operation, and also at the same time the court demanded all accounts and statements from wife, she was looking after the so called seva money...

She had a routine hip operation and possibly was killed because after her death, court dropped the declaration grounds because of his wife death...makes you wonder 🤔

It's all a big money trap...I have no I'll feeling towards gurinder but truth needs to come out
The five so called words...Jyot Niranjan, onkaar, rarankaar and sohang should not be hidden from mankind, why would God hide his names, would he discriminate or help everyone....because if he discriminate then he is no God...

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