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January 06, 2023


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@One lesson from this is what I've known for a long time: our minds are adept at imagining both the worst that can happen, and the best that can happen,

We live on a planet where there is allot of suffering, and in this hellish environment we tend to anchor on to anything to give us hope. This state of desperation is fertile ground for fake ass gurus (I'm thinking Gurinder singh dhillon of RSSB) to plant a seed of hope and false promise of heaven in the afterlife, so twist truth, and to manipulate the masses that are told to surrender everything. But in reality all you had to do was to trust yourself , trust your gut, and apply common sense and logic and find your own answers. It is best to keep clear of gurus such as GSD, who's true ethereal form is a sex demon and a soul predator.

It had to be...

The best thing you could have ever done for a chance off real God realisation was to leave that Devilish Gurinder Singh Dhilions Radha Soami Seedy Cult

To submit to such a shallow and devious character like Gurinder can never be good for anyone he himself is a prime example of what one never wants to become

Just look at his goings on from tax evasion, land Stealing, even his own nephews he swindled millions out off too, stole a million of a Bollywood director , wife dies on very suspicious grounds and a very seedy sexual nature for someone at his age this is someone that our own parents would say i never want to see you hanging around with this sort of trash it may rubb of on you.

So it had to be but it had a happy ending
to give the dust bin men some real trash like Gurinder Singh Dhilion to get rid off in the dustbin forever.

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