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January 14, 2023


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Delete this post, quick, before Laurel reads this. Girlfriends and wives think they're special, and specifically that the bond they have with their less-significant-other is special; and should that illusion be disturbed, they get ...irritable. (Can't blame them, that's the only way they reconcile themselves to having gotten together with the loser they've ended up with. ...No no, speaking for myself, that last, not you!)

" In my experience a narrative view of life injects meaning into those facts that obviously isn't present when the facts are looked at from an objective point of view."

Progressive atheists love to spread the message that life has no objective meaning. This is called nihilism.

Do you believe otherwise, Goswami? How on earth might it do that?

Perhaps you could spell in what sense you believe life has, as you say, some objective meaning.

A narrative needs to be carefully constructed by RSSB organization and captain chaos gurinder singh dhillon . GSD, the predator, has everything to hide and therefore needs a carefully crafted image of a God in human form to attract innocent suffering souls. This image is like a sign on his door , his fake sanctuary, the dera, that says , to find God, or a hope, they offer the destination and the blueprint , a one stop shop. All you have to do is leave your intelligence behind and surrender everything. Little do people know that this guru is a parasite, hiding his true ethereal form of a sex demon to have his sickly pleasure on souls in inner realms. How else does preditor devour his prey, by pretending to be harmless and indeed helpful. GSD your lies are being exposed, you can't hide the truth on the internet. Your days are numbered, and when people wake up, they gonna want justice

@ Brian Ji [ In real life there's only one plot line: what actually happened. And for that, we don't really need a story. Just a recollection of what happened. ]

This narrative of inevitability is the mystic's view too if I understand it correctly.

The cosmos and all its events were created in a single timeless moment and
we're replaying the actors' roles. We're simply delivering the script's dialogue
that's been fed to us. There's even the illusory notion we can riff on these
canned lines to alter the drama. Beneath the surface, the riff was already
inked in.

But, listening to hopes and fears a split second before engaging in the riff
confirms the sense of empowerment or at least the notion that there's no
inevitability. In fact these prefacing hopes 'n fears or even a neutral antic-
-pation before an event pegs them as "in the future". Without this preface
though, we're simply remembering a past event which it is.

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