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December 25, 2022


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Dear Brian,
I enjoyed reading your post and reality about the things in life that are okay. I wonder if acupuncture would help?
At any rate. I am reading a Buddhist book by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche on "Medicine & Compassion", and it is very good.
This book is an eyeopener.
Yes, please don't reveal my email or full name. Kind regards.

Those in the RSSB satanic cult are expected to follow very high set of expectations and intern reflect those expectations on others.

Gurinder Singh Dhillon expects no alcohol, yet I'm sure he drinks like a fish. Let me remind you he is related to manjeetia, the drugs and alcohol overlord of Punjab. As GSD says like attracts like.

GSD expects no to even looking at the opposite sex - it starts in the mind he says. What a hypocrite because this sex demon is a flirt and regularly eyes up females during satsangs and in kitchen seva, very dirty old man. He is king sex demon, that likes to rape souls on inner realms for his sicko pleasure.

GSD says 2.5 hrs meditation of 5 satanic names (jot niranjan means light of the devil) during the witching hours of 3am. Judging by his life, this fake baba has done zero meditation and has zero spirituality. He has no history of how he become enlightened,
he shows no personal insight. How can he still his mind with over 16 companies on his name. Money is his god

GSD expects a high moral life. Yet he is a fraudulent convicted baba, a billionaire, control freak, narcissist, boasted death threats and a murderer of his wife. What a hypocrite.

So you can see GSD has high expectations of the sangat, which leads them to an impossible life filles with failure, leaving sangat fearful, guilty feeling and ashamed, low self esteem of them selves. Also those who have exceptional egos, carbon copies of GSD, are given key sevadar positions are arrogant, feel superior, and power tripping.

The whole RSSB system is rigged so that the god man, GSD can get away with murder, and live a lavish lifestyle.
The special chosen ones are given privileges while the mass sheep sevadar live a life of suffering and do all the work.

Worst thing about religions like the Radha Soami and Gurinder Singh Dhilion is expect nothing in return for all your years of arduous selfless service and be ready to be brutally ripped apart in the process by yours untruly too

Not only does one need to question the in sanity of Gurinder Singh Dhilion but question him as to why he has done so many questionable things of great madness in the process of trying to play god and trying to ruin Gods name too

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?"

You yourself Gurinder have gained nothing and it shows you lost your way by selling your little ass to the Devil for all the riches and worldly lusts of women

This is what Gurinders so called Radha Soami true meaning is, that in love couple who go by the name of Radha and Krishna

They and others are the ones with many temples all over India depicting raunchy sex positioned statue figurerines who indulged themselves endlessly as they are the sex demons of the inner worlds where Gurinder inside himself resides and enjoys the erotic pleasures of they'res too

Are you mad Gurinder or just plain stupid?
If both do you think we all are here too and that we can't see what your true face is

Helping and having your mucky paws in the so called devil mobb and practising his religious beliefs will and has now backfired badly which will lead to annihilation of you all

Religions are a lost cause expect nothing because that's what they really are and Gurinder Singh Dhilion has shown the world why one which is called Radha Soami finally breaks the camels back for all religions forever

As Suzuki Roshi said, you have to practice with no idea of gaining.

The attitude of giving and "non-gaining" is the most fundamental precept of religion. If others don't understand it, what can be done.


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