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December 16, 2022


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South Park maligns Tom Cruise as gay (based on zero evidence) and you malign Gurinder Singh as capable of murdering his own wife (with zero evidence). That's entertainment.

Upyourgame, actually as noted before I've never accused Gurinder Singh of murdering his wife. And South Park is a comedy/satire show, so of course they make fun of Tom Cruise. Regarding the RSSB guru, Gurinder has been accused of making death threats, as have associates of the guru:



The worlds craziest religion and the award goes to...wait for it...drum roll...RADHA SOAMI AND GURINDER SINGH DHILION
step up and accept your commended award for deluding most of humanity into a nut job religion of religions
Well done old chap congrats

So we can see after all those years of hard work Gurinder has put forth bull, all them grafted years of rat a tat tat on his favorite pearch a stage ranting on about how he single handedly has saved humanity and saved so many souls has paid off for him only...ah our hero hey

At the least south park is funny and witty not like some who try, but fail at each n every corner uh Gurinder Singh Dhilion how lame are those jokes take pitty on us all

As for Gurinders dirty clean slate of a record goes we just need to do a quick search on an engine to hear a woala and there it is search over, well game over Gurinder Singh Dhilion brings back a pandoras box which one never wishes he had opened, oh my

No finger pointing here, just a riddicule of pages on n on n on of how much of a low life of a shameless character he really is when off that little stage of his....how embarrassing
what he gets up to in his personal so secretive not to be talked about life
No Question and Answers on that please

Now you all know why, the butler never did do it, did he we all know who it was, is and never did he get away with it.
No one has accused the accused

Haha, loved the South Park take on Scientology. Thanks for the link!

Absolutely, Scientology has got to be among the craziest religions there are. If you ask me which I believe are like the *craziest* religions ever, I'd list these three: Scientology, and the Latter Day Saints (the Mormon "religion"), and the Polynesian cargo cults.


Although, as far as crazy religions, there's this: This exchange actually happened, apparently. Some missionaries came down to Polynesia, and tried their usual faux-sympathy faux-bleeding-heart thing, in try to convert the Cargo Cultists. (I forget which flavor of missionaries these were, Jesuits I suppose, but I'm not sure.) So then one of them befriends the chief of that island, and asks him, "You've been waiting for, like decades, more than a generation: and your John Frum has still not come. Doesn't that indicate to you that your John Frum thing isn't quite what you believe it?" To which the chief replies, "You guys, you've been waiting for your Jesus Christ to come back for actually millennia; and you wonder at our waiting merely decades?" (I'm paraphrasing, from imperfect memory, from Dawkins's account in The God Delusion; but I believe I've got the essentials right.)

The point is this: Are the beliefs held by Cargo Cult completely crazy? Absolutely, yes. But then, when you think about it, the kinds of things the hordes upon hordes of Jesus worshiping loons believe, are not one whit less crazy. We're only inured to that particular flavor of craziness through long familiarity.

Is scientology crazy? Sure it is. Completely crazy, and an obvious con job. Like wise Joseph Smith's nonsense. But when you think about it, they're no crazier than Christianity, for instance, Islam certainly, Judaism as well; as well as Brahma-sprouting-from-Vishnu's-navel Hinduism, and God-Emperor Shinto, as well as Buddhism (particularly Mahayana and Vajrayana, with their legions of Dakinis and Bodhisatvas and whatnot, and not to forget the Pure Land nonsense).

They're all crazy. Every one of them. The naivety of Jesus worshiping loons that believe the arrant nonsense that's been fed them, is not one whit less than the gullibility and the stupidity of the dupes of Scientology.

Ron Hubbard stole it all from Neville Goddard. NG is the Goat.

South park ridicules scientology, and as they're exposing the cults, a great sequel will be ridiculing RSSB , science of the soul, lol, and Gurinder Singh Dhillon , the clown.

Expose this monstrous and vile jackle and hide character people so close to him have seen. In public, he has a perfect image which he has carefully constructed over the years, and expanded his RSSB empire, stealth mode , further than even Hitler. Expose his motives for murdering his wife to save his face and that of his cult following so he and other family members can continue the RSSB , non elected , gurudom by contract- keep it in the family. All this to eventually take over the planet earth , so everyone can willingly become his brainwashed slaves for eternity. Sicko , sex demon baba of beas and leach family

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