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December 06, 2022


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These last few posts were very interesting. Lots of food for thought in here.

Two questions popped up in my mind as I read through this, that perhaps you could clarify ---- provided Lisa Barrett's touched on them elsewhere in the book, I mean to say.

(1) Is that actually true, the zebra thing, and that more general argument? Is it actually true that animals don't suffer stress like we humans do? I kind of doubt that. In entirely different contexts, for instance when it comes to animals "farmed" in inhuman conditions, I vaguely remember reading that they often die simply of heart attacks induced by stress.

Two qualifications as far as that example: first, it's vaguely remembered, and I may have misremembered parts of it; and second, given that the inhuman treatment is a constant, while actual lion attacks are occasional even if lion threats are constant, therefore the analogy isn't a perfect one.

Still, those qualifications notwithstanding, I think the overall argument/question holds ---- is it actually fact that animals don't feel stress the way we humans do, that is to say stress not directly when something bad's happening, but even afterwards, or maybe in anticipation? I don't think we can default to that assumption, absent actual resarch and evidence. Just because we see the zebras are grazing right after fleeing lions, doesn't mean that their hearts aren't thumping away inside of them. After all, it isn't as if human beings don't sit down to "graze" at the dining table even when generally stressed.

Not saying she's wrong, but wondering if she's actually right about that, about the Zen Zebras.

(2) The "No lions" would be apposite in a largely stress-free environment, but few are blest with such. Even if one isn't necessarily under constant threat of bombs hurled by crazy megalomaniac dictators, like the Ukrainians are, still, people often are faced with a host of other kinds of lions. Stressful situations at work, or at home, in their neighborhoods, whatever, I mean actual threats and challenges not just those manufactured by a neuoritc mind. The cortisol response would be quite apposite in those situations, which I'd say is the lot of most folks, even if it is unhealthy for the body.

So that for most people the what-to-do thing would be twofold: first, change your circumstances such that the cortisol thing is no longer necessary at all times (and not everyone can do it, no matter how self-aware they may be); and second, and once that first is achieved, then, sure, as you say, do the "No lions" mantra thing, to keep an overactive neurotic mind from unnecessarily shooting cortisol all over the place.

What I'm saying is, you can't skip the first step and jump directly to the second, not as a general prescription.

There is this one man, gurinder Singh dhillon who is the leader of a satanic cult, named RSSB, who has an insatiable body budget in the form of an over inflated ego of himself. He loves power, he loves to control and he truly loves himself and his own sons, and no one else. Why else has he siphoned billions from his own blood nephew's and his family are living life as a king and a God while the rest suffer. Why else is he overly aggressive to neighboring farmers, instructing his own RSSB sevadar to beat them up in India. Nothing will stand in the way from him and his massive ego as he even murdered his own wife so he could be pardoned from court cases - a kind of ritualistic sacrifice for the benefit of saving his image and the RSSB empire. Gurinder vessel is controlled by none other than kaal, jot niranjan who uses him to create a physical empire and humans untold suffering. Your days are numbered gurinder Singh dhillon, you will face your time in prison sooner than you think - you are a king of sex demons.


I can’t even remember the five names (thank God!!!). 😂

This body budget discussion is fascinating on so many levels. I have MS and am constantly concerned with how to most effectively use the energy I have been given in a day. That said, I’m grateful that I don’t suffer as much nerve pain as many MS patients report. Also, and almost bizarrely so, I find I am a much better steward of my daily energy/body budget now that I fully appreciate its finite nature.

“I’m sleeping in a comfortable bed. I’m surrounded by loved ones. I am blessed. I am grateful.”

That mindset seems to almost always provide me with even more energy.


(I think those are the first letters of the “Five Names”).

The mysterious “Five Names” (like they should make a mocumentary series about them).
🤣 🤣 🤣

So bizarre how superstitious human nature can be. 😅

What I appreciate about Barrett's' work is how she points out that where it is assumed that there is some discarnate entity within 'running he show', the various mental processes (that produce emotions, mind, self etc.) are the result of the brains' neural networking.

Here Barrett points out, that we use up our body-budget merely thinking about a situation and causing the brain to predict that the body needs energy – just as though the situation was a physical threat. She mentions: - “As it turns out, people spend at least half their waking hours simulating rather than paying attention to the world around them, and this pure simulation strongly drives their feelings”.

Indeed, we do seem to spend a lot of mental energy dwelling on irrelevances – it is a habit and one that can be addressed. Whether its feelings, emotions, thoughts etc., or maintaining a 'self' structure, deconstructing the self through the practice of meditation awareness with the effect it has on the brain could help. (Brian's previous blog and deconstructing the self).

I'd guess that most animals do have stress, though it is more likely to be physiological whereas we humans (along with physiological stress) have a great deal of psychological stress. Stress is the body's method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge or physical and psychological barrier. Stress is primarily a physical response. When stressed, the body thinks it is under attack and switches to ‘fight or flight’ mode,

Speaking of our evolution from the African Grasslands, our ancestors weren't eating grass. They were meat eaters. Hominids have been mainly meat eaters for the past 5 million years. And therefore, no conversation about our body and brain evolution must neglect the topic of our ancestral diet.

And yet, we do neglect it, definitely so.

Let's take Gurinder Singh. Whatever you think about Gurinder the Guru you must admit he's a very smart guy. And yet, smart as Gurinder is, he follows a vegetarian diet that has given him diabetes.
In a recent video, Gurinder remarked that he must eat 3 times a day or he'll "get sick" from diabetic consequences. Were Gurinder to give up his veg diet (most of which converts to sugar) he'd have avoided diabetes and could heal himself of this disease. But he chooses to ignore what we know about human ancestral diet and keeps eating the grains and vegetable oils that have crippled millions of people throughout India with diabetes and other ailments.

In another video, Gurinder replied to a question about the sufficiency of the vegetarian diet by saying "look at hippos, they don't eat meat and look how strong they are." An absolutely ludicrous comparison of the human system with that of a completely different mammal. But how many satsangis and other yoga people who follow veg diets agree with Gurinder's notions of nutritional science? Probably most of them!

Anyone who is familiar with any school of Sant mat knows that the #1 moral rule of that religion is the vegetarian diet. Everything else can be qualified, but not eating meat is a moral must. And yet, to put it plainly, vegetarianism is not our natural diet, and vegetarianism is the cause of major health problems -- not least of which is dementia brought on by a diet rich in sugars and low in protein.

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