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December 23, 2022


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Thanks for the slick video. Dubious science but fun in a seat-of-pants
kind of way. BTW, I applaud your courage in sticking that butt-slide
landing. It was a memorable ode to senior athleticism.

Haha, cool video.

The picture that sprang to mind is a bunch of kids, testing for themselves, like the Leaning Tower experiment, whether mass affects friction, by each of them launching themselves across there, and carefully noting down whether the taller and stickier of their group slipped along more or less than their shorter scrawnier fellows ---- and no doubt carrying home a bruised knee and sprained ankle or two, to their exasperated mothers.

The bones may be a wee bit older, but the spirit just as young and fresh! May we, each one of us, be blest with such!

Once again, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

ah, automiscorrect. Ignorant AI, innocent of the protocols of scientific experimentation, stupidly begging the question. That's
'stockier', as in fatter, or more muscular, and more massive; not "stickier". The latter is the null hypothesis after all, in that hypothetical.

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