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December 31, 2022


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Happy New Year to you and your dears!🥳🌲💐😊

Nicely expressed Brian. Best wishes for the New year everyone.

I read every post but very rarely comment

Happy new year Brian.
Keep being brave and exposing bent babas , like gurinder singh dhillon and his sicko family who have profited hugely from laundered money while many of his satsangis are suffering, and starving. They blindly give their last penies to a fraudulent RSSB path as they are sold a false promise of everlasting peace in the afterlife.

The same guy who deletes my post of yesterday -- where I simply questioned the motivation to study the mind -- writes this Hallmark card of goopy platitudes about "community" and "the exchange of ideas." Not that it really bothers me that my posts are deleted, since hardly anyone reads this blog.

Nothing you've ever written has impressed me in the slightest.

I suppose it's something that this blog exists, but I must also admit that I don't like you Brian, never have. You've always struck me as pompous and insincere, and your ideas of what makes for good journalism are certainly not mine.

Goswami, I didn’t delete your comment. You jumped to that conclusion. One of your comments went into the Typepad spam folder, where I just noticed it and published it. Next time, email me if you think a comment has been deleted. Often, or usually, it’s because I haven’t checked the spam folder for a while. I try to do this every day, but yesterday I was busy with other things, like watching football, and forgot.

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