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December 14, 2022


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We are born with free will, but blindly fall into the rules of religion to program the mind with a mindset , the morals, and dogmas. Gurinder singh dhillon and RSSB know this which is why he subtly tricks young children by the cohesion of the parents who are them selves blind followers. The parents are influenced by a kind of devil's magic to fall in love, a dark manipulative love, with a total fake ass stranger. This is the tricks of the hidden hand behind the scenes that operate the puppet they call gurinder singh dhillon - the clown that sits on stage making him high and mighty. He has himself has zero meditation and has zero spirituality, and all he does is channel a demonic energy to gain his power, just as magicians do. To see his true heart, look at his lust for power, his lust for property, lust for control and the length he would go to keep it and expand his empire RSSB and lust for women. GSD also murdered his wife, shabnam, he had the clear motive as the court charges were dropped as the money was very conveniently on her name and at the same time keeps the evil Gurinder, (the sex demon), in power and the image of RSSB intact. You obviously thought you got away with it but people are seeing through your lies. Gurinder your days are numbered , and justice will be executed, you can run but you can't hide

Hahaha, love your single focus persistence, you guys. Trust you to tie a discussion on Picasso, or Mars, or UFOs, back to how monstrous GSD is.

Now don't get me wrong, the hyperbole apart I agree with you! Except --- and I don't know which font of Kool aid you favor, if any --- but I hope you realize that much the same can broadly be said of the Sikh "guru" types as well, especially those that fought for kingship, and of their cock-eyed teachings, no less (or at least, not much less) than for GSD.

Religions like Radha Soami n Gurinder Singh Drag Queen Dhilion, cut at the very core of our free will

They lie consistently to all and are at somewhat at peace with themselves about it too thinking they've got away with it all

The life of a religious so called Baba is meant to be in line with his own teachings at the least. Here we see the contradictory Donkey Dhilion all over the place himself with his leg in all sorts of waffling, legal and criminalitys too

From Stealing everything land, money, properties, and having his dirty little paws in jailing his own nephews too.

Known as a tantric sex demon in the inner realms is something he indulges secretly from all.
Oh not to mention a murder or two along the Godly path he's on and preaching too

A very noble and God like figure are we Gurinder Singh Dhilion or is this something that a most wanted criminal would even find hard to follow. As for free will this is his in the making and we should all see how naked and exposed he has become today because of it

What idiot's would follow such an idiot idolistic Baba who himself has lost the bearings of gods virtues and his own insanity as well

One thick 2 planked door knob who has no idea of God and goes on like he has satsangs with him daily

Free yourselves from this simulation of Kaals and Gurinder Singh Dhilion and get the Freedom your soul, so deserves

Just stumbled across this.
Show me the maths!

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