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November 06, 2022


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"The Mindful Way Through Depression," sums mindfulnesses up pretty well here: -
“. . . mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally, to things as they are. It's a way of shifting from doing to being so that we take in all the information that an experience offers us before we act.”

And . . . “It means knowing that our thoughts are passing mental events, not reality itself, and that we are more in touch with life as it is when we allow ourselves to experience things through the body and our senses rather than mostly through our unexamined and habitual thoughts.”

Yes, there are many methods that help toward being mindful and no doubt some can help through the stages of depression. But that aside, I reckon that whatever brings one to a position of self-awareness brings with it a somewhat different perspective on life – which first and foremost reveals much about how we think and act.

It is said that we mostly go through life in a state of semi-consciousness. Obviously one can still think and act though it is mainly automatic, pre-programmed stuff. Many entrenched belief systems operate through our brains in this way as we merely parrot what we have learned or been taught – along with little understood agendas and desires.

It is probably in this universal state of thinking and acting that we 'choose' our leaders – whether political, religious or whatever – and often chosen via our fears, hopes, wishes and ingrained prejudices.

Awareness is not an easy, dreamy ride, there is still pain and pleasure, sadness and happiness – all the normal happenings that a human naturally exhibits – yet there is a certain joy (call it freedom) that is there as all the vagaries of life emerge. The wayward thought processes need not be automatically reacted upon, more responded to – appropriately.

@ Brian Ji [ So what RSSB taught basically was an anti-mindfulness: fill your mind with thoughts of God, the guru, and returning to the supernatural realm of Sach Khand; reject your weaknesses, often summarized as lust, anger, greed, attachment, and egotism; continually judge yourself to see if you're living up to the other-worldly standard of the RSSB teachings; look upon everyday life as an illusion not meant to be taken seriously, since your genuine divine form of existence lies elsewhere. ]

IMO, a mystic would say (as Ishwar Puri did ): we're not a "soul-drop trying to
return to the ocean of Sach Khand. No, we never left the ocean!". Ignore
"thoughts of God and Guru" if they're distractive. Just replace them with the
next moment of mindfulness. We simply need to restore our memory of who
we are and retrace our way back home. It's entirely a journey of awareness.

No rejection of one's own weaknesses. That's often blind denial-ism. No
judgment of self or others. Such scapegoating is a waste of time... the abyss
still looms ahead. Everyday life, however illusory, is part of a vital journey
and is to be taken seriously. Each moment of it is precious.

________ is not an event that happens at some specific time in the future.

It is not something that is attained by the mind through effort.

Everything else in life, is an attainment that requires time and effort.

Naturally we come to ________ with the same mindset.

So, we set about trying to obtain that state of ________ through effort in the
form of meditation or any spiritual practice.

This gives us the illusion that we are trying to get somewhere.

But where are we trying to get to?

We believe that ________ is waiting for us in the future.
We believe we have to work for it; meditate, chant or whatever.

This is the illusion of the mind. The mind wants to attain.

You make ________ a goal, something to aim for. Thus, you start aiming.

You are on an endless journey and you will never arrive. Maybe or maybe not.

“_________” is a blank space.

Meditation from cults leads you to the wrong direction . Look at at RSSB mediation, Jot nirunjan literally translates as the light of the devil. So repetition of this takes you to the devil's light. The cult is not one of God but the opposition - a sexual demon. The current leader, gurinder singh DHILLON has a reputation of a narscasist , a FRAUDSTER, a land grabber, a hungry ego maniac politician, a control freak, a murderer, who uses laundered money to live a lavish life style for himself and his family. Not forgetting the latest shenanigans with modi where you are clearly using your sangat for votes , so you can get court favours from modi.
Shame on GSD and his family members your EXPOSING your own self.

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