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November 28, 2022


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Any experience in life that we consider to be a problem arises from the very simple actuality that we don’t like the experience and want it to be other than it is.

When this is realized, it becomes clear that life is never a problem until we create the problem.

We create the problem because we do not see things (physical, emotional, psychological, or any combination thereof) or life experiences as they are, but how we believe them to be.

Thus, such isn’t helped by the fact that we then point the finger of blame on others or external events.

Avoiding the acceptance of our responsibility for the quality of our own mind state in now-ness is dependent on what we think, say and do.

Gurinder singh dhillon relies on creating a carefully constructed image over a person that is truly evil in nature. He works tirelessly to ensure his white beard is perfect, his white turban is layered , white clothes, and sits on a stage giving the perception that he is godly and above the others. But when you look at in detail, his answers to questions show no wisdom, no depth, no clarity but confusion and laughs and clowns off serious questions from desperate people looking sincerely for answers. Furthermore he shows no spirituality, and he has no history of how he became enlightened. So when you dont see that magic moment seeing him on stage, it literally is your intuition, your truth , screaming at you that he is a fake ass guru. Then you realise that this self proclaimed guru is opposite to what his image portrays.
The sicko guru by contract, is indeed a devious liar who sits on stage and spreads absolute bull without batting an eyelid. He is therefore opposite to God, and therefore must be working for the adversary, satan himself, and you discover a larger truth that the whole RSSB path, which is in reality kaals trap, is fraudulent. Then you may do a google background check on the fake baba, and realise how he siphoned billions, how he mistreated and bullied farmers, how he made death threatened to his nephews, and how he had probable cause to have murdered his wife for court acquittal. Added to this is that GSD is deep up Modis rear end which is obviously for more court favours. Gurinder singh dhillon your days are numbered and God will seek justice overall your cleverly constructed web of lies. You will pay, when sangat wake up to your true nature, a sexual demon.

The magic in our mind comes from our own minds. Hm.

I'll repeat what I'd said in my last comment, in the other thread. On reflection, it continues to make sense to me.

Sure, it's fallacious to imagine that our feelings speak to, and of, external reality. But it is equally fallacious to imagine they speak only to our interiority, so to speak, and not to external reality at all. That opposite position is equally fallacious.

I'd say it's a two-variable equation. Our feelings are a function of both what external reality is, as well as our interirity. What precisely the equation is, that's case to case, obviously. But it's fallacious to reduce it to a single variable thing, no matter which variable you choose.

Divinity is an extravagant descriptor. But let's say someone strikes us as "magically" honest, or sincere, or wise. That could be a function fully of our perception and nought else. But it could equally well be that that someone is indeed magically whatever, and that magicality is our mind-computer telegraphing that conclusion to us, bypassing the nuts and bolts analysis in that moment. Usually it is a combination of both things.

Like I said, a multivariate thing. It's a mistake to imagine, in reaction to our earlier error of imagining it's all reality, to now imagine it's necessarily all us.

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