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November 24, 2022


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"...your worth as a person isn’t tied to the job you have..."

Amen to that. And nor should your identity be.

Haven't seen this movie --- truth to tell, your review/article is the first I've heard of it --- but that's a cool message, a cool moral if you will. Fact is most folks do derive their identity, as well as their sense of self-worth, not to mention their evaluation of others' worth, basis what they do to earn money. I suppose that's better than the earlier version of assigning worth basis family background and inherited wealth and "station", absolutely; but it's still so completely superficial, and in fact so entirely silly, when you think about it. It's so pervasive, this odious yardstick, that most people need to consciously grow out of that habit, out of that inertia; because for most of us that silliness would seem to be the default.

When there is no sense of self within any human experience, who or what is capable of being fearful?

Fear, like all other human emotions is transitory and dependent on causes and conditions.

The pre-conscious drive that is inherent within the evolutionary data of the human species sees the mind/body complex that we could/can think of as “us” …………. do whatever it takes to survive in order to replicate the gene pool.

But the nature of the evolutionary process, is that it is aligned with causality, so that pre-conscious also evolved a subconscious and conscious process that is capable of overriding that primary drive.

This development resulted in the creation and attachment to the idea of being a separate personality, character, self, and or “I” from the flow of inter-related phenomenon happening in now-ness.

As a result, we are now driven to protect and defend that self and its beliefs ..........................

Hello Brian,
What witchcraft is this? A discussion about "SOUL".....that part which is immortal. Yes, I get it. It is a movie, but........have you converted behind our backs????

Anonymous, like you said, Soul was an animated movie. It wasn't reality. I enjoyed the message of Soul. I'm also watching The Peripheral on Amazon Prime, which centers on time travel. I realize there's no evidence of time travel, but I enjoy a series about what it would be like if time travel were possible.

When 24 was a thing, I liked it when Jack Bauer would torture someone to learn about, say, a dirty bomb threat. But I opposed torture when it was used by the Bush administration in its fight against terrorists. Like most people, I'm pretty good at separating what I watch on TV/movies from shared physical reality.

Hi Brian,
I do respect your rights to your viewpoints and opinions on various subject matters. But I wasn't questioning the format (that of a movie), but the subject itself. After all, "Soul" is the immortal part of a being and the spiritual element will eventually come up in any discussion on that subject....irrespective of your belief in it or not. After all, there are two sides to every issue. Nothing is completely black or white. They are just various shades of gray. That is what makes "choice" so hard. If it was just a matter of everything being black or white,... what could be easier?? Thanks for sharing.

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