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November 21, 2022


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If nothing else, it's another lie/obfuscation. Always with the pbfuscations. Where there should be none.

Agreed, doesn't lead to anything sinister.

Disagreed, this dentist pair isn't "rich", merely middle class. At least basis the info here.

And agreed fully, in sum it all does look fishy.


Haha, these posts, they carry a distinctive detective story vibe.

Some have accused you of ghoulishness. I disagree. It is indeed scurrilous to fling empty accusations at people in their time of grief, sure. But what's happening here is different. Suspicious going-ons are being investigated, is all. People who are being investigated, or those they represent, often take umbrage at that; but they've nothing to fear from a fair investigation if they're innocent. And so far the investigation, and its reportage, seem delightfully factual, and entirely fair, with no "scurrilous" conclusions hinted at, beyond merely the fishy circumstances.

It'll be fun seeing where this all leads. Although armchair detective work can take us only so far, usually; but then, unlike Jesus, Miss Marple lives! As do Poirot, et al. So who knows, maybe we might get to see the last page of the book after all, just maybe?

Kudos on the factual digging through and reportage, Brian, and good luck with the investigation. 👍

Everything a fishy going on here...A well known way in India for the Big insurance pay outs of millions of rupees, is to go abroad and whoops a daisy bobs ya uncle

Why would you do this? to cover up your tracks which lead to a whole load of criminality covered up the usual Gurinder Singh Dhilion Dogy way.

Same as his Satsangs where he uses all the spiritual information of others for his own selfishness and for his own cultish empire to flourish.

Dental surgeons generously buying everyone properties that's something of a new way of suspicious behaviour for Godly Gurinder.

I wonder if I can have one too...come on in the name of Seva, all things are possible

But then again ain't most rich pocket lined Radha Soamis need to feed a greed way in they're life, and then give it the humble bumble way of a simplistic way of life of not needing money at all but God.

How saintly:) of them a false persona or what

Pull the other one this path is the riddicule at the moment worldwide with Gurinder also trying to give himself some more lime light by being some what of a political lampost for getting himself some favours for his more mischievous ways to come.

He finally came out all for the money honey
Everyone sees how he even runs away from his own sangat like a Christmas turkey dreading his day

As the overall picture starts to take on shape it begins to become more and more obvious what Gurinder Singh Dhilion and the RS Cults is and was all about and what they're up to now

Gurinder lives a life of a false petty God with all the riches of fame n fortune and the rest as he says to the sangat, "oh well we all are in it together beta", oh really?
It's you lining your pockets again no one else

Time for you're daily satsang Gurinder make it a good one everyone's a laughing now at you, try not to break face and give the game away.

I think it's way too late for that you're already exposed so sit tight and lavish the laughter the world bestows upon you now

As most Stage acts are nothing but a show and yours is nearly over now isn't it so

RSSB is not what it used to be.
Baba Jaimal Singh lived a simple life. He was not rich.
When Sawan Singh said he would build some houses - that was the beginning of the end.
Jaimal singh said "You will get stuck" and that is what happened.
Dr Johnson said "the first test of a master is: is he a good human?" - if he isn't - then look no further, you have your answer.
All this is a far cry from spirituality.
stealing people's lands, doing dodgy financial deals, making millions. And now finally, killing off the wife because as long as she was alive, the court case was going to reveal the truth.
Once she is dead - so is the case. The believers can continue to believe. A small sacrifice in order to save the reputation of RSSB.
Without this one move - it was game over for RSSB and the guru.
Think about it - if she was alive, the court case would have convicted her, her family and the guru.

An inquest? 🤔 Good grief.

She very well may have committed suicide. That’s a real possibility too.

suicide? quite possibly!
If she testified in court, she was almost certain to spend the rest of her life in jail
even her GIHF husband could not have gotten her off because he would be sharing a cell next to her, and the same goes for their sons.
So, dying this way was actually the better choice.
Quite possibly she sacrificed her life for her children and family and RSSB

she didn't have much of a choice.

it's a game of chess and the king is surrounded and the only thing that will avoid a checkmate
is a queen sacrifice. The queen must be sacrificed because check means game over.

most likely this was well planned in advance and she agreed this was the only viable option

It is really quite irritating when absent of any genuine facts, one speculates about a cause of death other than what is on the death certificate.

Suicide? Murder? Geez, have some frickin decency and stay within the parameters of what is known.

Otherwise, you are tainting not only the memory of someone who died, but her children and all who knew her.

Yes, Gurinder Singh has some real problems and issues, but those can be detailed with a paper trail.

But speculating about someone's death without facts is just plain misguided.

Again, no fan of Gurinder Singh and the hyped theology, but geez.... give the woman a break on how she died unless you come up with some factoids.

Detectives speculate, consider every possible scenario and follow every lead. They don’t just wait and hope the dead will magically reveal how they were killed, who did it, and where the murder weapon is buried.

Speculation is a creative and useful tool that serves a purpose. It helps you look at things from different angles.

We can’t rule out suicide, can’t rule out murder, we can’t even rule out the possibility that she’s alive and hiding out with the bin Ladens because everything about the Dhillon-Sing Saga is so convoluted, twisted and bizarre that anything is possible.

We have a verified report of how she died.

Everything else at this stage is indeed ghoulish speculation.

Get some facts, then you can play detective.

Brian did the extra work and got a death certificate.

Try doing the same, real world.


Looking for the answers of Few questions
1. Why GSD sent his wife abroad to have weight loss operation? Doesn't it against Santmat Principals?

2. Why this surgery was done in UK not in India?
3. GSD and his wife live in Haynes park where they made a big house inside the main premises (with Charity Money) but address was given on death certificate belong to dentist pair? Were they worried about the RSSB image?

4. How GSD will face people when they will ask him why he sent (allowed) his wife to go through Wait loss surgery

I personally know the Dentist pair..they are very power and money hungry. They run Haynes park like their private business.
Most of the people who go Haynes to work (l don't called seva) don't like them. They are real dictators

Not only they most of their family members are also dentist. This pair own 2 dental surgeries in Bedford, one in Clapham and other in Lurk street in town.
It doesn't matter whatever proof is available but blind his followers will not believe in any. Even if God come and say the truth, they will not believe it

Again, are we absolutely sure it was for weight loss operation? Even if it was, perhaps her weight was causing her other problems?

Why not simply do some research with all these speculations?

Brian did; I recommend others do as well.


Haynes Park already dealing with another death they did their best to cover up at that address , may be they thought different address would help to turn attention away from Haynes Park Site and dodgy people at Haynes Park.
However Baba,s and powerful relatives money laundering Bank Manager was found dead on railway track in Punjab under suspicious circumstances but once Police found out Baba and Bikram Majithia the famous drug dealer of Punjab ( currently out of jail on drug charges) it was kept quiet.

This is just too obvious.

nobody dies from a minor operation like this. A clear setup.

they were all due to appear in court.

They all skipped the court appearance and travelled to the UK claiming that it was a medical issue and they were all needed in the UK.

If they had sought the court's permission - it would not have been granted.

This was all done on purpose. They waited until there was no other option.

Think about this clearly. The court had called them all to testify.

The companies were run by Shabnam Kaur. She could not avoid answering the questions that would have implicated her and her family.

Now that she is dead, the case cannot proceed. This is the clearest motive you could possibly have. The timing in also perfect.
When they all came to the UK for the operation, her death was a foregone conclusion.
Anyone with half a brain could have predicted that her death would be announced.

When her death was announced, I was not surprised at all. I was fully expecting this.

Her survival was impossible.

RSSB would have gone the same way as Sacha Sauda (Ram Raheem), with the guru and his family in prison. This is not speculation. The Singh brothers are already in prison and they are directly accusing Gurinder Singh and family.

How is this mere speculation? The facts are already known. The dehli court had summoned them all to appear in court. They skipped the court appearance.

The financial scandal is well known - it is not speculation, any more than the rape cases of Ram Raheem.
However, until he was convicted, it was not considered true.

Exactly the same applies here. The facts are already known. There was serious fraud involved. However, no conviction was possible without Shabnam appearing before the court. She could not deny anything and would have had to product the paperwork to the court.

However, she is not alive anymore and Gurinder can simply say that he has no idea of her finances. Hence there is no case now.

RSSB is saved from embarrassment.

Gurinder singh promised the sangat he would offer an explanation at a later date. Has he? no, because there is none.

The truth is obvious except to those who are totally brainwashed.

Make a list of all the scandals ins RSSB. There is no possibility that Gurinder Singh is a perfect master. He is not even a nice person. He talks well - that is his only skill. He knows how to pretend to be a pious and moral person.
Anyone who gets involved with RSSB knows the truth.
There is no possibility of salvation when the guru himself is corrupt and doesn't meet any of the criteria of a perfect master.


Have sunk to conspiracy-level thinking here?

The simple fact is that she died from complications of an operation.

Everything else is speculation without evidence.

Yes, do some investigation. I am no fan of Gurinder, but his problems didn't dissolve because of her death.

Indeed, the real link between the shady finances is Malvinder and Shivinder.

They are still alive, though in jail.

If Gugu is going to be tried, those are the ones that can show the connecting evidence.

His wife's death didn't exonerate him, if indeed he is culpable.

Of course, one could always do what Brian did and do some actual research.

Try it.

dear dosomefrickinresearch

I cannot believe you actually mean what you write.

are you not aware that that they were all called to the court?

They failed to turn up and instead went to the uk for the operation which was not even a major operation. It was not a life saving or essential operation.

The Singh brothers can do nothing - they have tried - he has political connections and nobody is even giving them a chance

There was only one piece of real evidence and that was Shabnam Kaur.
She was the director of the companies.
She could be forced by the court to produce bank accounts and reveal the true financial connections.

she is gone - there is no chance now of any court even trying to convict the guru. Why? because there is no evidence linking him.
The links go to the companies that Shabnam Kaur was the director of.
She is no longer alive and the guru cannot be tried because they are not his companies.

if he is asked - he will rightly say "I have no idea of what those companies were doing and I cannot access the bank accounts" case over.

This is just too obvious.

There was only one outcome to Shabnam Kaur's death: the case against RSSB chief fails.

The singh brothers can only name companies. They don't have the bank accounts. Shabnam Kaur was the only link. Without her, the court will not even bother to call the guru or the others because they were not running the companies.

This would be speculation if there was no beneficiary to her death.
The timing is also perfect - exactly when the court has called them and they have to attend.

You cannot just fail to attend the court - it would be contempt of court. They simply failed to attend because they knew that a dead person cannot be held in contempt of court.

So, there was a plot to kill Shabnam, but so far, nobody (and we do mean nobody) has been implicated or given evidence that such a thing occurred.

The doctors too, are in on the death, since they too, would be complicit in murder.

First, how do we know her overall medical condition? We don't, since there could have indeed been compelling reasons to have an operation.

And do elective surgeries (or non-elective surgeries) go bad without murderous intent?

Yep, more than we would wish to admit.

So, again, get some evidence, get some witnesses who will confess to this so-called murder.

Why not call the doctors? Why not call the hospital?

Oh I see. Better to throw caution to the wind and just post here endlessly about murder.

Geez, no wonder the Internet has become a cesspool.

Get some frickin evidence, then we can get somewhere.

dear getoffyourchair

you're not thinking clearly
who says it was murder? it didn't need to be.

Shabnam Kaur had been called to the Delhi court
so had GSD and the sons.

The result of this would have been game over for RSSB and Shabnam Kaur and GSD and sons.
this is not speculation.

Look at the timing.
Why did Shabnam Kaur and GSD and sons not appear at court?
they could have postponed the operation.

or GSD could have attended to clear his name.

but no - that never happened for a good reason.

there were two options:

attend the court
or don't attend.

they took the second option.

but the court could call them again in the future

except for one thing.
dead people are exempt from attending.

everybody goes free because without the company director the bank accounts dont need to be shown.

Shabnam could choose to stay alive and thats the end for RSSB
and she goes to prison.
not a pleasant way to live.

or sacrifice her life for her sons, the guru and RSSB.

not much of a choice.

it's not murder when you choose it.

suicide with a good motive

Oh geez, what a load of conspiracy crapola.

So now Shabnam committed suicide? By getting an operation and making certain the doctors botch it?

Get a reality check.

Of course, Shabnam could have committed suicide in India, but no she had to travel to England for an operation to cover it up?

This is the mother of kids she loves. Gurinder has already been raked over the coals in the press. He has already damaged RS immensely.

He has already been caught with his hand in the proverbial money jar.

So stick with what we know and what we can verify.

Conspiracy thinking is a dead-end.

Sorry but your logic doesn't compute, nor do any of your linkages.

Asking Baba Land Grab - when was the bank manager's body found on the train tracks. I would like to have more information on this, if you can provide. Thank you.

dear dumbconspiracy, getoffyourchair, dosomefrickinresearch, focusonfacts and other names

of course Gurinder is not going to leave any clues.

if a person is not convicted, it just means enough evidence for a conviction has not been found.
baba ram raheem was not convicted until the matter went to court. until then he was considered a great guru.

baba Gurinder has claimed he will go to court to prove he has no involvement with the financial scandal. If involvement is found, he may be required to deposit 6000 crore rupees with the court
approx $750 Million.
he was originally required to attend on 24th October 2019 and this was changed to November 20th 2019, when he went to the UK instead.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrjfxuM9lTk - news - was aired 18 October 2019.
The truth was going to be revealed - as he denied all involvement with the financial scandal.

Shabnam Kaur would have been ordered to disclose the bank accounts of the companies that they already knew were involved.

He is not likely to be called to court now because without Shabnam Kaur the bank accounts will not be disclosed. The case cannot proceed.

this is not some conspiracy theory - but simple verfiable facts that show motive.

RSSB is dishonest - they covered up the facts about the death of a sevadar and were fined.


people will continue to believe the guru because they believe he can liberate them and will take their soul to god.

“The truth is obvious except to those who are totally brainwashed.”

⬆️ I concur.

Ok, son the guru’s biggest supporter doesn’t think it’s suicide.

I guess that means it was murder…

We tried to give you an out by saying it was suicide, but you were like no, it was definitely murder.

Alrighty then…

Until recently rupee was not convertible so maximum allowed through official channels was around $ 100 . For start politicians do not send dodgy money through official channels as it is traceable. Come in their funded dera,s , give money to dera in India and Guru,s Dera,s abroad will use money donated in foreign currency by their foreign followers to invest through secret trusts islands like Panama and many other Channel Islands, jersy islands Etc etc.Until recently Baba,s son was running a foreign investment company operating in USA. Europe, Australia. This Bank manager and sunil Godhwani were the two main people who would do anything for Baba . Originally there was only canara Bank at Dera Beas with many overseas devotees keeping their deposits in Non Resident External accounts ( NRE) repatriable to original countries. The manager changed many external accounts to ordinary accoounts( not allowed under indian laws) and used that foreign currency for Punjab Rulers ( Baba,s relatives ) to take money abroad. Bank Manager like Sunil Godhwani was only serving to keep his Satguru happy. He was later found out by the head office of canara Bank and they trasferrd him to another state. Day Police found body on railway track near in Punjab state police had opened up murder inqiry saying killing took place somewhere else but body was dumped there but when they learned of Majithia, Badals and Parminder singh Sekhon connection it was changed to suicide .

Well, looking over these last few posts it is no wonder that Donald Trump got elected in the first place.

First, Gurinder's being culpable for finance fraud is one issue and one that clearly should be investigated and there are a number of leads, far beyond Shabnam if one is diligent.

Second, Shabnam's death is quite another, given that we have absolutely no evidence that there was foul play since such would involve her doctors and her medical care.

Tying the two together is a fool's game without evidence.

Best to stay with the facts, follow up evidential leads and then proceed.

But alas some posters would rather just post than do the heavy lifting.

Do some real work, some real research. It can be done.

Brian has gone out of his way to give us leads, but he is wise not to over-speculate on what is not yet known.

Follow his lead and you will be wiser in due course.

Its all so true Guilty n an embarrassment...but God is going to Bless Gurinder Singh Dhilions fake ass for being the best at his A game.

For being a lying conniving little half pint who's done nothing for mankind but caused more confusion and putting all of humanity threw hell.

The pits of hell is where he himself is headed for and very soon, he gets it and very well too.

So justice is happening however delayed it might be but its a coming...Gurinder Singh Dhilion

Game over soon buddy Exposed n Named n Shamed worldwide for who he really is, is already happening now

In the end the truth always prevails

Trez, it's a nice idea, but now how the world works.

Ram Raheem would still be considered a great guru if the rape victims had not come forward.
He also bribed the judge so was fully expecting to be found not guilty, but the judge refused the bribe and that is why Ram Raheem was so shocked. He never expected to get caught and thought he was invincible.

RSSB is quite different. With Shabnam no longer available, it is impossible to link any financial dealings to Gurinder or his sons.

It is unlikely they wil be caught because without evidence there is no cause to summon them to court.

It was all carefully planned and the queen sacrifice has saved the king, so the believers can carry on believing

@ oneborneeveryminute : Not correct " with Shabnam no longer available, it is impossible to link any financial dealings to Gurinder or his Sons ".
If you see item 20 on attached Supreme Court Judgement dated 22 September 2022 , you will note that of the 998 crore money lent by Singh Brothers , main beneficries were two sons of Gurinder and others . Shabnam,s share was 52 crore out of a total of 998 crore,s. It is not over yet. It is true that Gurinder has strong links with rulers but maybe Daichi Sankyo will pursue this with the full support of Japanese Rulers. Bikram Majithia and Badal,s crumbling Empire could bring down Gurinder,s Empire.

Baba Land Grab, i understand point you are making,

However, Gurinder and sons, as far as I know were never directors of the companies in question.
They can still claim that had no idea what was happening, or why they were names as beneficiaries,

This whole case would never have gone to court if Gurinder had helped the singh brothers when they asked for his financial help. aftr all they are the reason that his sons becoane billionaires overnight. surely he could have helped them out of gratitude. instead he refused even when he was told that it would also affect him because everything would become public information. He biggest mistake was that he took this personally and did not want to help them. That mistake has cost him dearly,
If he was a kinder more generous person, none of this would have happened
He tells others to 'let it go' but he himself did not do so.
He says one thing and does another.
anyone can give advice

The real "Sant Mat" question is why if the shabd is so amazing, does a guru who apparently has access to Sach Khand really care that much about luxury?

Or is the shabd not so enticing?

Indian biggest bent Baba of this day and age is Gurinder Singh Dhilion

Nothing is what it seems with him he lives a criminal lifestyle and enjoys the Prince of darkness delights and plays a Godly figure.

We live in the devil's age as it says Kaalyug and we can see his merry men even when it's not Christmas

One Turkey is Gurinder Singh Dhilion who's bent on being the biggest bent Baba of our era

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