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November 23, 2022


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I'd guess that hope can be all things to all peoples or, something that pleases or appeals to everyone that is interpreted according to their wishes, expectations and generally, expressing the state of their current mentation inasmuch that it could be (1) “ . . a healthy optimism, attitude or outlook that good things will happen and one's wishes or aims will ultimately be fulfilled. (2) It could also help in staying us to be focused on future goals and can help us adapt to change and better manage adversity.” (Psychology Today).

People generally prefer the second explanation better. The first (although expressed as a healthy optimism), does nothing except daydream and 'hope' that things will turn out as imagined. The second is more dynamic and carries with it the possibility of attainment.

The word 'hope' is merely the expression of the impetus to do. Every thought we have and every action we perform can be said to have the element of hope attached to it – whether we are conscious of it or not. We do something for a result, for a purpose and in doing it we unconsciously expect (hope) for a particular outcome. We can be disappointed that the cake burnt even though we had no (conscious) hope, desire or expectation for it to be otherwise.

Although, there is a lot to be said for not doing, for having no desire for a particular outcome, just the doing simply because it's there to be done. And, 'hope' could be simply a case of words trying to determine and fix something that ultimately detracts from life's fluid reality.

All human experience is a reflection of the quality of mind that engages with the experience.

No human experience is good or bad, right or wrong until the conditioned and confused self-referential mind adds in its own story which then defines how it is experienced.

Hm, Thanksgiving.

Heh, I suppose most things, if you look overly closely, you can find fault with. Which of course does not render those faults moot, but still. But, what I'm saying is, I find this whole Thanksgiving thing very iffy.

I mean, the broad concept of it is great and all, sure. But on one hand, what exactly is being commemmorated? The genocide of whole hordes of folks, basically, and the extermination of entire civilizations: that first and foremost, even if that part of it is always glossed over. And one of the ways in which thanks are offered, one of the ways in which the day is celebrated, is how? By rounding up and killing those poor turkeys en masse. Like I said, the broad idea of a day earmarked for thanksgiving is wonderful; but both the day when it is celebrated, which is related to what the celebration commemorates and celebrates, as well as the manner of celebration (the turkey thing specifically) makes the whole thing so blindingly ironic, that i wonder people don't throw up. (Yeah, I know why people don't throw up. Half of them don't even register these things. The other half doesn't care.)

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