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November 30, 2022


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As Barrett points out it takes an observer with ears and a brain to turn the vibrations emitted from the falling tree to turn them into sound – and further, the brain needs the concept of "Tree" and what trees can do, such as fall in a forest.

It's difficult for us to separate our everyday world of perceived 'reality' from what is in fact mainly a conceptual world, as it is also difficult to see that the mind is a product of the observer and its environment. As Brian point out, God is just a concept, a word, only becoming meaningful to those who create that meaning in their own minds.

In one of Barretts co-written books; -'The Mind in Context', it is mentioned that “Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, selves, identities, and personalities are not internal entities that control behaviour; instead, they emerge in mutual and reciprocal relations between individuals and their environments”.

This is not to say that the mind, the self, emotions etc. do not exist, just that they are not separate entities in their own right. Like all mental processes they emanate from a brain in conjunction with its environment. All creatures perceive the world differently. Differently because their brains interpret their environment in the best way to enable survival.

Our human experiences, wired into the brain's network, have the survival ability to predict situations in our environment as they arise. Although the physical surroundings exist separately from the observer, the mind (or brain) determines the nature of the situation and acts according to its established experiences, consequently the 'situation' does not exist separately from the person.

All such mental processes we term the mind. Our thoughts and beliefs, all come under the umbrella term mind. Thoroughly realised, one can exist quite happily with the knowledge that much of what we believe to be reality is illusory – unless one is so attached to investing everything with purpose or meaning. There will still be trees, rivers, sky, mountains, people, cultures etc. and they can be enjoyed and appreciated for what they are – not what we desire or wish them to be.

For Gurinder Singh Dhilion God is Money, and Money is God and very real that too

A selfish immoral Baba who has no consideration for other fellow humans. With a devious mind concept to ripp others out of pocket just so he himself and his family can live a life of Kings riches, is a devil made flesh as they say

They also say the Devil disguses as Saint or a Baba so he himself can deciveve the world and keep the soul entrapped here forever.

That's the goal Gurinder is working towards in time.
There is a well known Radha Soami Satsangi who even mentions that in the inside realms Gurinder is a well honoured sex demon of a high rank who indulges in the most bizarre sexual acts up there with others.

Makes sense as they were the ones who invented and indulged in the Kama Sutra as we see so many carved idols in these positions in the hundreds of temples around in India.

They are who he works under the couple called Radha n Krishan the Hindu gods they are the real Radha Soami

That is why Gurinder is always in hiding because if the truth comes out, he's a finished. Which is happening as we see it

Wow That's a great insite Trez, gurinder singh dhillon as a sex demon, makes total sense as he subtly flirts around with females in satsangs and has said many times that he's too sexy - pervert baba.

Added to this that the five secret mantra holy names given at initiation are satanic. The first name is Jot Niranjan, which literally translates as light of the devil. The remaining 4 names are onkar, rarunkar, sohung, satnam. Don't repeat them as they are satanic mantras that take your consciousness to these deities / demonic / etheric beings where you will be a slave to what ever they desire. You have been warned

This blog really seems to be your attempt to convince yourself that “God” doesn’t exist.

If you truly believe that in your heart of hearts, why are you continually trying to prove it? Who are you trying to prove it to? And, why do you even care what others believe in the fist place?

You really shouldn’t care what others believe.

@ Brian Ji [ Unlike a tree, there's no evidence that God exists outside of the human mind. ]

But who/what is god? A luminous figure in sandals with
deeply set eyes and a booming voice? Maybe you conjure
up a subtler, less Biblical persona or maybe you describe
him abstractly as a formless, energetic force. How do you
frame a satisfactory definition or characterize him in a
meaningful, accurate way through the mind's dubious
lens... rely on sensory evidence or action-at-a-distance
guesswork perhaps?

The mystics simply and honestly say "neti, neti" (not
this,not this) when challenged to define who/what God
is and offer a path of devotion/mindfulness to those
sincerely curious to find answers within themselves
rather than be spoon-fed by Scientism or religion.

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