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November 19, 2022


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"Scary" is right. What people don't realize is how fragile is the normalcy that so many take for granted. We tend to imagine that what's happening in an Iran, for instance, or a Saudi Arabia, can never ever happen to "us" --- but the example of countries like India, for instance, in recent years, shows how misplaced is that complacence. Sure, the US has a far deeper base of democratic practice than most of those other countries, including India; but still, two more terms of a Trumpesque nightmare would be sure to reduce the US down to the level of if not an Iran but certainly an India, in terms of the crazy that is to say. In fact, even a single more term now might well do incalculable damage, things being what they are at this juncture. This has been a very close shave, the midterms, and sane reasonable Americans need to hold on together now --- and, at the very least, make sure that they go out and vote, when the time comes! --- to make sure that the organge horror, and everything he represents, never ever sulliies high office in the US again. The US owes that not just to itself but to the entire world.

Yes, it is indeed a chaotic world – as far as humans are concerned. It's amazing, we have the knowledge, skills and technology to create a sane balanced world yet we still behave in a primitive tribalistic manner. Whether its religion, nationalist, political, cultural, racial or whatever, the self-created human problems and misery all comes down to beliefs – to a mind seeking some sort of imagined reality.

There is something definitely askew with the human race – and the obvious evidence points to the human mind, the mind that whether out of primitive fear or insecurity or the never ending desire for life to be different from the reality that it is, the human mind cannot seem to divorce itself from the idea that it is special and deserves special treatment whether in this world or some other concocted imaginary non-reality.

Instead of working together our minds, filled with self-promotion, consciously or unconsciously, basically works to protect what it sees as its 'self'. It may be that unless we evolve (learn or realise) and understand who and what we really are, then we will continue down the road of limited 'self'' interest – and probably self destruction.

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