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October 14, 2022


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Shabnam Dhillon died in National Health Service Hospital Bedford that is generally open to UK tax payers only free of charge. Believe she was originally operated in a private paying institution somewhere else and upon complications transferred to larger national health service hospital Bedford where she died. It is normal for visiting overseas persons to be treated in small private paying hospital for specific illness and in case of complications private individuals transfer to larger general hospital as emergency (which appears to be the case here). I have applied all relevant searches on Her Majesty,s Register office but there appears to be no ideath certificate record of Shabnam Dhillon recorded in United Kingdom. Link attached.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FZovwK0ZEAUoLbm-3bx1IBsxy35IAqWE/view?usp=sharing

Makes no sense to the way UK system woks , 99 percent of Hospitals in UK are state owned and can only be accessed by those registered with General Practice Doctor (GP) which is only available to UK taxpayers and permanent residents of UK. UK taxpayers with Gastric issue will wait more than a year for initial assesment let alone treatment. A visitor can only access Private paying Hospital with undertaking that they consent to be transferd to larger state Hospital should complications arise and fees to be paid by Patient-travel insurance or person sponsoring visitor. Shabnam Dhillon flies to UK on 20th November 2019 ,no way she could book to be treated in Bedford Hospital (where she died). My guess is that she was treated somewhere else by Private Paying Doctor and then private Doctor signed her off as an emergency case to state Hospital ( Bedford). Reports suggest body was flown to INDIA immediatly for cremation ,possibly without going through the hoops of death certificate which for someone dying in Emergency Ward is very complicated and long process.

This is the actions of a desperate guru who has everything to hide to avoid the court case and who can suddenly have appointment in his diary all over the world and yet cannot turn up to Delhi high court to prove his innocence. If he was innocent why couldn't Gurinder singh dhillon just turn up in court and prove it to his brainwashed loving sangat. The death of his wife is also very suspicious as it is miraculously at the timing if his court case. Her murder was ordered by gurinder singh dhillon so that the court cases could be dropped so this fake guru had everything to gain from her death. There was no postmortem, no cause of death, and the quick cremation all sucks of highly suspicious and malicious activity. The billionaire FRAUDSTER baba has obviously used his political might and money to pull favours and is the trigger behind his wife's death. The Murderer, the low life scum, perverted baba of beas, the whole world will know how you are not a perfect living saint from sachkhand, but instead a self serving evil man who has been sent by the devil to deceive mankind. Your days are numbered .

While I understand that there is much that is shady about how Gurinder Singh is dealing with the courts, I think it is pretty much of a stretch (without any evidence that would be considered compelling) to then take a gigantic leap and say that he ordered the murder of his wife.

This type of speculation is precisely how conspiracy theories get their fuel. Present a timeline and yet provide no evidence whatsoever in order to convince gullible minds that something sinister happened.

Yes, by all means, investigate every nook and cranny about Gurinder, but jumping to unwarranted conclusions is a fool's game and doesn't produce more information but rather tilts the field into a game of accusations without merit.

In any case, I don't think it serves anyone to jump to conclusions before all the facts are listed.

I am not a fan of Gurinder's court resistance nor of the over-the-top guru game, but the death of one's spouse is one thing. But claiming she was murdered or that he ordered such a thing should come with a semblance of some evidence that can be examined closely.

As of now, there is nothing but a hall of conspiracy mirrors.

Someone should dig deeper, not pontificate.

To get her body repatriated, the family should've had to present a death certificate from the hospital along with other documentation to an Indian diplomatic authority in the UK.

You can access UK death records here...
The fee is £11 plus probably another £3 for the search...

"Under UK legislation, death certificates are designated as 'public records', and as such anyone can request a duplicate certificate to be produced."

Oh, HS researched it already! Duh.

Rural area's of India where 80 percent of Indians live , have no death certificate requirements for creamation. Will's and death certificates are often created long time afterwards for inheritance purposes.
Someone dying in morning or afternoon will be on wood funeral pyre same day. Most people die without leaving a will that is often created by paying corrupt officials .
Take the case of Bollywood Icon Sri Devi who died in bizarre circumstances in Dubai in 2018. Her husband was questioned by Dubai police and Indian media back home went crazy , step in India high commission on order's of Indian government and they quickly extracted suspect Bony Kapoor and dead Sri Devi without post mortem .
There is no fee for searching death records on official HM gov.uk website, if record is available copy can be ordered for a fee .It is a criminal offence in UK not to register a death certificate with General Record office.
Shabnam Dhillon died on 27th November 2018 at National Health Service (NHS ) Hospital Bedford South Wing, Kemston Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, Postcode MK42 9DJ and was cremated 9 days later at Beas , India.

Average UK citizen dying in UK NHS Emergency ward will not be able to get body out of hospital in that timeframe, coroner's court has to be informed and death certificate can't be issued until Coroner gives the clearance. Post mortem is standard for someone dying in emergency ward. Death certificate is issued by hospital but it's not their responsibility to register it with General Record Office.
NHS negligence claim's is very big business for UK lawyer's, Billions of pounds are paid out each year to settle negligence. To protect themselves NHS informs independent coroner's Court of every death in NHS emergency ward. Post mortem is standard even if coroner's court gives clearance to issue death certificate.


HS, what if she was registered under a different name or there was a misspelling? "Dhillon" [Exact Matches Only] and "Shabnam" [Exact Matches Only] is very restrictive. Is there a way to search by surnames starting with 'A,' then 'B,' then 'C,' etc. with forename "Shabnam" or only starting with "Shab?" For England she had an uncommon first name that would stand out even in broad search.

Have tried various filters and various spelling, anyone can search General office Records by registering with official website first. Nothing is normal with VIP person Dhillon, for a normal person it is just not possible to take body of a person died on UK soil to india in less than a week. HM Coroner,s Court permission must be obtained. Obviousaly it was arranged quickly by special people in special places. Here is an official link as to what happens when a normal and abnormal death happens on England and Wales soil (excludes scotland and northern Ireland)https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/family/death-and-wills/what-to-do-after-a-death/
All the Dera,s in India have been created by Governments for laundering loot money abroad and as their vote banks.

Another day in the life of Gurinder Singh Dhilion, here's another fine mess you got me in to.

But Gurinder had other ideas, as we can see here. How to get rid of the whole fiasco that they were in thx to Gurinders billionaire ideas, so now let's destroy the whole plot in the U.K and fly back home to India all teary eyed and blame it all on the big guy God it was all his plan, he took her it was her time.

Shady Gurinder shame on you for what you did and for thinking you've got away with it, you haven't in the eyes of the world even if you have in the laws.

The fine shining resume you hold exposes every corner of your hideous criminality of a life that you hide from the world everyday.

Even if you think, it doesn't.

Singing satsangs of God all the while and carrying out your devious detrimental ways of the devilish acts of maliciousness you live by will one day come crashing down on you and landing you're lying ass in jail sometime soon.

As Colombo would say it's a easy one who done it here it's staring you in the face

How could you...don't you have any fear of God?
And if you haven't you will have soon and I mean very soon...

I'm new to sharing screenshots through Google Drive and hope you can see them.

I may have found the entry for Shabnam by casting a wider net...

The General Registry Office search engine is quirky. The record wouldn't come up at first until I searched for Dhillon and left the "First Forename" field blank. For "Year" I entered 2019 +/- 2

The DOR (date of record) shows as 2020. Why? Bureaucratic lag, I guess. It probably represents when the clerks got around to entering it in the database. The year of birth is listed as 1961, which is about right. Reports stated that Shabnam died at the age of 57. Luton is 14 miles from Haynes Park and in the county of Bedfordshire.

Now the record comes up entering Shabnam as well...

Here's a similar case with respect to DOR.
Anuj Bidve was a student from India shot and killed in 2011...
...but his DOR shows as 2012...

I did indeed register earlier today and searched all I wanted entirely for free.

The next step is to select the entry and pay £11 by credit card for a copy of the death certificate. They'll airmail it 4 days later.
Outside the UK your credit card will probably tack on a foreign transaction fee. 3%? 4%? Less than $13 (USD) at today's exchange.

Who has the nerve?

umami, for some reason your most recent comment isn't showing up on this blog post, though I got it through Typepad. Anyway, thanks for your diligent research. As you suggested, I also signed up for a GRO account and after some initial problems was able to locate the death record for the Shabnam Dhillon that you found, and managed to order a copy of the death certificate to be sent to me. Hopefully it's the right person, though the cost wasn't all that much and now I know how to find birth/death records for Great Britain.

How scoundrel Gurmit Singh Sidhu (Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh) (currently in jail) became Guru by wrapping a bomb to the waist of Guru Shah Satnam and ordering Shah Satnam to declare Gurmit Singh new head of Dera Sirsa founded by Shah Mastane, disciple of Baba Sawan Singh. Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh now a billionaire convict is running his Dera from prison .

Shah Mastane became a disciple of Baba Sawan Singh of Dera Beas. He then camped near the village of Begu, district Sirsa, which is now in the corner of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. There was a majority of Sidhu, Pannu and other Sikhs near his dera. At the time of Shah Mastana, there were not many visitors to the dera and the people considered him to be a fakir and the people who came used to give bread and water to Shah Mastane.

Shah Mastana used to walk around barefoot and had no eyes on anyone. Then gradually people started coming to him, but still no significant number from Begu village became his devotees, even now the majority of the village Begu does not go to its Dera. Only 4-5 houses in the village are its devotees.

In the 1960s, Sidhu Jatt Sikh Satnam Singh (Shah Satnam) original name Harbans Singh Sidhu son of Waryam Singh and Aas Kaur, village Jalana, District Sirsa, became close to Shah Mastane. Shah Satnam (Harbans Singh Sidhu), being educated, was smarter than Shah Mastane. Shah Satnam took charge of the dera after the death of Shah Mastane. He expanded this camp further. Being a good speaker, he connected a lot of people with him. The family of nambardars from village Gurusar Morian, District Ganganagar, Rajasthan was also a devotee of Shah Satnam. Being a Sidhu clan, he was also close to this family. Nambardar Maghar Singh and his wife Naseeb Kaur used to visit the dera a lot. There were also rumours that Naseeb Kaur had an illicit relationship with Shah Satnam. Well, whether there was a relationship or not is discussed till date in the villages of Gurusar Moriyan and Begu.

During the Sikh militant movement after 1984, the Sirsa Dera had increased significantly. it was common for militants to come and go to this camp. Gurjant Singh Rajasthani of The Khalistan Commando Force had a special visit here. Gurjant's village was in 66RB Tehsil Rai Singh Nagar, District Ganganagar, Rajasthan. The villages of Ganganagar still have a large population of Sikhs. Gurjant also had a relationship with the Nambardars of Gurusar and due to the proximity of the same relative to the dera, Gurjant and other militants used to get shelter in the dera of Shah Satnam. Maghar Singh's son Gurmeet Singh (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh) was 2 years younger than Gurjant Singh Rajasthani but both of them were very much in common. Gurmeet did not even pass matriculation due to his proficiency in studies . Since Maghar Singh's family was a devotee of The Sirsa Dera, the scoundrel Gurmeet also used to come to the dera and sometimes even at night, he used to sleep at dera with Gurjant or other companions. Gradually, gurmeet and gurjant's mind got the idea of occupying the dera. Legend has it that Gurmeet Singh is the illegitimate child of Shah Satnam and Gurmeet's mother Naseeb Kaur pressured Shah Satnam to make Gurmeet the next Dera chief. Shah Satnam did not approve.

Then a dangerous scheme was devised. Gurjant Singh Rajasthani and Gurmeet Singh Sidhu (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh) tied a bomb to Shah Satnam 's (Harbans Singh Sidhu) waist at night and asked him to declare his friend Gurmeet as the next head of the Dera in the morning or get ready to die. Shah Satnam who gave salvation to the people, found himself on the brink of death and in the morning he announced to make Gurmeet the next gaddi nashin.Fearing death, he transferred everything to Gurmeet Singh. After this, Gurmeet Ram Rahim did not look back.

On 23 September 1990, Shah Satnam passed away, who is also suspected to have been killed by Gurmit Ram Raheem.

On August 31, 1991, Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, who had escaped from Kothi No. 129 Mohali at the house of Bibi Bimal Kaur Khalsa, widow of Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh (Indira Gandhi assassin) ,was also shot dead by the police, which is still mysterious as to why he was killed there.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim did not make much movement till the end of 1992 while gurjant was alive, but in the last 10-12 years he has emerged as a major force. He was in direct conflict with the Sikhs. Many Sikhs died in encounters with him, subjected to torture by the state machinery.

If you ever think, from where did a person who was not educated reached from where. While the government machinery is in the full hand of foolish devotees, Sikh militant Gurjant Singh Rajasthani has the biggest hand. We may turn away as much as we want, but their native villages, village Begu and close relatives all know how this dead snake has fallen on the neck's of the Sikhs. The law has to punish or punish him but it is up to the rest of the government agencies to decide what to do with this reared goon. If he considers himself more powerful than the government, the third agency will not let him and if they still need him further, he will be saved in some way or the other. But if the work like nirankaris is completed, then gurmeet Singh Sidhu alias Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, son of 'Sidhu Jatt Sikh', Nambardar Maghar Singh from birth, will definitely be put in a knot. While he is currently in jail for murder rape ,his devotees still regard him as God and dera is being run on his behalf.

Ah! If only societies and nations will learn from mistakes.


Thanks, Brian.

I watched my comment lag, appear, disappear and reappear, as shockwaves rippled the very fabric of cyberspace!

Kudos to you! I look forward to your report!

umami, the very fabric of cyberspace has been restored, since I see that your comment shows up now. Naturally I'll share the death certificate when I receive it, assuming it is for the correct Shabnam Dhillon, which I'm pretty sure it will be, thanks to your research.

DOR - I guessed 'date of record.' More likely it's 'date of registration.' I found mention online.

In my eyes, gurinder singh dhillon is Guilty of either direct or indirect murder of Sabnam who was a cult sacrifice for the benefit of the freedom of the narsisst guru of beas. The billionaire baba is always trying to pull special favours from politicians, who want votes, and he conveniently has a circle of special friends from the police and judicary who are given preferential treatment at the deras and offered retirement positions. Gurinder dhillon, aka the clown of beas, i would watch your back, the true god is not happy and justice will be served.

Here's my two cents worth: As is the custom, Shabnam and GSD's marriage was arranged. She played the traditional role of wife and mother. GSD was the decision maker, and Shabnam was a submissive wife. When the $$$ started to flow and the business deals were made, Shabnam was encouraged/coerced to sign documents. When the Indian Financial Authorities started to poke into the shenanigans, Shabnam was spooked and wanted to come clean. GSD, the Godwani's and all others involved had no intention of letting that happen. A plan was developed to silence Shabnam. In the photograph, Shabnam looks like a psychologically abused and trapped woman. As she lay in hospital with complications, the normal reaction of a caring husband would have been to fly to England to be at her bedside. GSD instead continued with his schedule.
Is it possible to get hospital records detailing the surgery Shabnam underwent and the complications that followed? This would throw some light on her death.
No autopsy. Her body was cremated - any evidence that could have been gathered has been burned. Rest In Peace Shabnam.

@ Barbara [ Shabnam was encouraged/coerced to sign documents. ]

IMO It seems more likely that both GSD and Shabnam were encouraged to
sign documents by trusted financial advisor(s). Buying into the idea she was
coerced suggests some version of a traditional, submissive, unempowered
Indian woman I would think. Is there evidence of that, anecdotal or otherwise.
Or that as an educated woman, she wouldn't have researched financial/legal
details if she had misgivings. Same for GSD.

Otherwise, you enter into the murky world of conspiracy theories: Was
Shabnam physically or emotionally abused? What does her body language
in photos reveal, did GSD lead a shadowy criminal double life, issue death
threats via proxy, have his wife poisoned, bribe venal officials -Indian and
UK- in a cover-up, etc.

When malvinder and shvinder were involved in fake drug's case in USA they quickly sold Ranbaxy without disclosing this to Daichi sankyo but when Daichi started to chase them for damages they started to off-load money to GSD companies created in the name of SD. While Sunil Godhwani name frequently comes up missing name is Manager of Beas Canara Bank Mr Bakhsi who knew all and did most of the transfers but disappeared soon afterwards when transactions came to light of senior management at head office. His body was found on railway track near Jullundhar during the akali government of GSD relative Bikram Majithia, Parminder Singh sekhon and Badals.
First the police said body was dumped on railway track following murder somewhere else but when police became aware of Bikram Majithia and Beas connection it was declared a suicide.It was.Bikram Majithia (currently out of jail ) who was organising Investments of Ranbaxy money including harassment of Beas neighborhood villager's by organising digging up pot holes in village's roads and deep electric cut offs to buy their land cheaply.It was also Bikram Majithia who organised the uniform for Guru Rahim Rahim to looking like Guru gobind Singh so that he can take revenge on his political opponents.

Would you get on a plane, fly 4000 miles and go under the knife, unless you knew you were sick?

Or unless you wanted to? Though rare, elective abdominal surgery, such as tummy tuck or liposuction, carries the risk of death.

Kanye West's mother died of heart failure after cosmetic surgery at the age of 58. It shook him to the core, but even he, world class conspiracy theorist of our day, views it within an ordinary framework.

If all these speculations are completely wrong or off and Gurinder's wife died from complications and not some conspiracy-laden murder plot, then ask yourself a question:

Would you like someone posting about the death of your wife implying that you somehow orchestrated her killing?

I think not. This is precisely why evidence first is key and we should muzzle our unnecessary speculations.

Again, I should point out this is not a pro-Gurinder post, since there is much that can be laid at his feet and there is indeed much to criticize.

But this? This is just premature and unnecessary, given that one should do some real research first and then post about it.

This shows how much of a Disaster Dhilion has become today.

His underhandedness of unethicalness has become something that the whole world should now keep an eye on.

His days of hiding are over and trying to keep of the radar, is a thing of the past.

He himself say question everything and so he himself is accountable for a Question and Answer session and that soon too.

Maybe a self assessment and a Satsang to oneself is all that's needed to enlightenment oneself of the karmic account he himself has to be accountable for and put him back on the track of sanity

Contradiction is a word that he's all about.

No morals no ethics no nothing is what he himself lives by today, but yet he preaches day in day out about the importance of them.

The very word Baba today is a typical Indian word which sends shivers down ones spine now because the reality is very different in this day and age.

And Gurinder Singh Dhilion himself has shown the world as to why. They are never to be trusted.

Bin the Baba

His wife never had a chance, with the likes of such a devious dhillon he did whatever the hell he did and thinks he answers to no one. As money and power ridden is all he is and living a lie is what life's all about
Nobody should trust or put they're trust in this little preaching pony. He holds many creditals one just has to spend sometime doing some Googling and watch Pandoras box all unfold

The truth is out there, but most are not in.

This is one Shameless baba Gurinder on a path of self enlightenment of the Devil

As for Darshan how would anyone in they're right mind, errh, think I will pass thanks

The Land of the Fool's.

Fake ass baba gurinder singh dhillon is guilty of womeniesing and lust (sex demon) ; guilty of fraud; guilty of murder; guilty of bullying; guilty of threatening behaviour; and a pathological liar.

He has zero meditation; zero enlightenment;

How has this clown become a guru and fool professors, doctors and lawyers

@Brian, have you received the certificate yet ?

Joe, no, I haven't gotten the death certificate yet. Payment for it showed up on my last VISA statement, so I was able to pay for it correctly. Assume it will show up at some point. Have no idea how long it takes to get this sort of thing from the Great Britain bureaucracy.

I am not a follower of this path but you guys post a whole lot of unsubstansiated nonsense about people you know nothing about. Re GS SS after SD passing over - it looks.like he is someone who gives alot, even being in alot of pain. Thinking the opposite (your statement - that is a little too obvious for someone who is guilty of anything). A natural reaction for someone who has been doing that most of his life - to give SS. What would someone do if feeling alot of pain and knows the whole world is watching and judging? Do you think it would have been approriate for GSD to go and sit in a corner and mourn. What would people have said then? What would people have said if the Delhi SS were cancelled?
Re the co structures etc. GS travels all year round with many commitments which left him in a position to leave others in charge of affairs - naturally. Just as anyone would.
Being a director of a company we all know many many people fall into that - of being a director on a company, then being responsible for whatever took place financially in that co and taking the blame for someone elses shanannigans. We all know that thats what happens (the person/s in control of anyones financial affairs usually comits fraud) They somehow have the ability to build up trust, then demise a plan to commit fraud by making someone else the 'director' on companies when they themselves r in charge of matters on behalf of someone. Do you guys honestly believe these elderly people were capable.of all that. Honestly? I somehow doubt that very much. It is very clear other people were in control of business and financial matters. Also around the passing over of SD - dont think your unanswered questions and obvious thoughts and statements gives one the right to suggest dishonesties.

If it is 3:00 am in Delhi, India, then the time in London, United Kingdom would be 9:30 pm on the previous day. This is because London is 5 hours and 30 minutes behind Delhi.

Suicide to save sons from prison.

no autopsy - very sus

no autopsy - no evidence

proof is buried



@ Dera lied a.o

Many clergy man and women in the RC church from the pope downwards to the local priests, have committed all sorts of imaginable crimes in the run of history.
The question does that fact tells us something about a religion, the office that person holds or the person that committed the crimes?

Many crimes have been committed and still are committed by those running the Democracy in this or that country as president, minister and other law makers etc.

Should there for Democracy, religion etc be turned the back on?

Yes those that are seeking an excuse to turn their backs upon democracy, religion etc or might use it as a [lame] excuse. or make themselves seen as more important than they are.


The whole thing is proof Dhillon isn’t all knowing, in case there were any doubts.

@ Dera Lied

If you would have had an grandmother as I did, peace be upon her soul if she had one, by now, you would know that it is impossible for anybody to know what is mentally / spiritually going on in another person.
She would make it clear at all of us at young age: "you can see the heads of people you cannot see inside these heads".
She was a simple person with a lot of common sense.

Why is it of interest for you to know or to proclaim that this or that teacher is or is not all knowing? Answer that question for yourself ... as .. it is much more important than to know who or what another human being is or is not. After all it is all knowledge based upon hearsay and has no practical value what so ever.

If you would like to follow a spiritual practice you can, solely and simply based upon your common sense.. If you do not feel affinity for a particular teacher ar teacher you simple leave it for what it is. No prove is needed. What matters is your personal motivation.

All traditions for that reason proclaim that it is impossible to know the status of a teacher and its teacher, observing without participation.

They also state that all effort faithful invested in a practice faithfully accepted will bear fruit.


It’s Dera iled not Dera lied.

To your point; not certain that applies to faiths that do not believe in soul or afterlife.

@ Derailed

If you love to find fault with grammar and spelling, you will have more than your hands full reading my words ... hahaha.

The answer is .. yes, it does

If is up to you to what activities in life you want to invest your energy.
It is all yours.
And ...
You have to reap the consequences of your choices.
Nobody else

You cannot outsource the responsibilities of living a personal live, making choices to others or things outside yourself.

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