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October 24, 2022


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(1) The mind is the brain in action
(2) There is no enduring, unchanging self or soul
(3) Free will is an illusion
(4) We humans see reality through a species-specific lens
(5) Consciousness is created by the brain
(6) All living beings exist in a web of interconnections

Brian's six premises from the previous blog seem pretty okay to me. I like to keep up on the latest publications by neuroscience and its research. As such, I appreciate the recent publications from Dr. Chirapat Ukachoke who writes “Because the mind is a composite of information-processing processes, it is an informational entity – a non-material entity that is composed of information and information processing . . .” But just because it is 'non-material', it doesn't negate the fact that it is a product of the brains' neural processes.

Even as layman (perhaps through meditation) it can become obvious that the mind is an accumulation of information gathered over the years via the senses and brain and 'stored' as neural information, to be utilised as and when needed. An amazing survival attribute.

Not to sure about Loch Kelly's "awake awareness" as a term for what effortless mindfulness is all about. It sounds somewhat like J. Krishnamurti's term 'Choiceless Awareness' – being “ . . . complete awareness of the present without preference, effort, or compulsion.” I can see the distinction between 'Effortless Mindfulness' and 'Deliberate Mindfulness'. Even so, I feel that in 'awareness of the present' the mind must surely throw up a thought or image or two about what's appearing in the present. Perhaps its just a case of when the thought or image appears in the present moment, just to let that also be the observed present – as did 'Rat'.

I don't believe that meditation is solely to do with lovely experiences (although great if they happen), more to do with the awareness of what the mind is and seeing how it can be both a boon and a bane – or in Buddhist terms seeing the cause of suffering (dukkha) and the liberation from suffering. Of course, there will always be physical and mental pain, we are simply flesh and blood creatures, but the ending of suffering is, I believe, more to do with our habit of wishing something or someone to be different from the reality of what it or they are at that moment (attachment) and trying to hold onto things that are constantly changing and a continuous unsatisfactoriness in all forms of existence as everything in life is changing and impermanent.

Gurinder singh dhillon, the clown, and rssb , have created the need for meditation, and peddling it as a science of the soul. This is nothing but made up system created by satan, God's adversary, to grab blind gullible souls and lead them astray. They create a complex path, with a satanic mantra to trap souls into a false heaven, where they the satanic gods get sexual pleasures at the expense of innocent souls. The souls are then thrown back to earth for being unworthy and so they are thrown into the wheel of reincarnation. Gurinder singh dhillon is a monster diguised as a self proclaimed guru and his days are numbered. Your karma will be served

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