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October 05, 2022


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Very interesting! Sounds like Advaitic meditation, as best I could make out. (Not Buddhistic, though.)

Intriguing, the links between some Eastern techniques and some Western ones (or Chritian ones, at any rate, even if not necessarily always "Western"). That might indicate an early globalization, which of course we know was fact. And/or it could indicate a kernel of truth underlying these methods. (That is, I'm not suggesting that's so, but the commonalities we see are indicative of the one or the other, clearly.)

One Christian form of meditation I'd read a bit about, a long time back, was kind of sort of similar to Tantic chakra mediation, except it seemed to focus solely on the Anahata chakra, that and none other. As far as I remember it wasn't Catholic, though, I think it was Greek Orthodox or something --- although maybe I'm all mistaken about this, I haven't actually cross-checked this now before posting.

(I'd read a charming little book, a simple yet touching story, flavor of Thich Nhat Hanh actually the way it was written, about an old man and his experiences with this simple yet profound form of meditation. That's the first I'd heard of this meditation technique, Hesychasm, and then I read up a bit more about it. .................In fact, and maybe I've got this all wrong, but I have a vague recollection of you yourself having written an article about this very book right here, that I'm referring to. Or maybe not, maybe I'm mistaken about that.)

An open mind and open heart allows deviants and narcissists to take over your thinking and emotions. You become a blind puppet to your master (fake ass gurinder singh dhillon) who asks you to surrender everything to him. So you surrender your cars, your wives (dirty old man) and money, and surrender it all as you made to feel you are not worthy of a good time in this life. Notice, however, only GSD, his family and his close chosen ones ( those that keep this sociopathic person as a guru) can have everything,making them hypocrites. Your days are number GSD, you are exposed, truth will set the same gate free and God will have his justice

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