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October 22, 2022


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@ Brian Ji [ For thirty-five years I practiced a mystical meditative practice that involved considerable effort via repeating a mantra, sitting in a particular posture, ... etc. By comparison, mindfulness
involves much less effort, since the focus is on attending to what is right before us, notably the

I dabbled in breath mindfulness but beyond an exhilarating physical
sensation experienced nothing else. No end to interminable threads
of cacophonous confused thought, or even the distractions of clear,
or even flawed, thinking, or the annoyances of bizarre memory
snippets, or embarrassing revelatory scenes that inevitably surface
in the meditation chamber. In other words breath awareness was
effective but only for short intervals and held no promise of a 24x7
solution. YMMV.

The problem was that it seemed only a feel-good practice. Better
for you than sex, drugs, and rock'n rollin' (at least fewer side effects)
but didn't deal with monkey mind's hardcore "dirt" the balance of
the day would bring. The "monkey" had become the elephant in
the living room of meditation practices and other kinds of deeper
mindfulness held the promise of a more comprehensive solution.

Very nice post, Brian. I like that sky metaphor and the clouds very much.

Consciousness itself is like clear air. Spirit is like clear air too.

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