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October 18, 2022


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I can see as Setiya says that some say religious belief originates in the fear of death is a simplistic view, though I would go further in that beliefs of any kind originate from a fear that our carefully nurtured yet fragile sense of self may be found to be an illusion. It is not only that the self wants to survive death, but needs to maintain its structure, its self importance, at all times.

Setiya goes on to say: - “Justice comes first -- as it does in my account of the meaning of life. So how do I, or anybody, who cares about making the world a better place, find the energy and determination to pursue justice in all of its varied forms?”

What is it with us humans that elevates us to the lofty position of 'saving' humanity or 'saving' the planet? Which is not to say do nothing but more to do with how we conduct our lives, how we respond to other people, to nature, the environment and to ourselves – our own thinking.

It is clear that we are often barely aware of our motives. When we champion a cause, it can perhaps be assuaging a whole host of hidden agendas and feelings rather than the issue at hand. We like to think that we can save humanity/the planet. Even well-meaning groups and individuals are not willing to change dramatically and forego accepted standards of living.

Not looking at our situation as either pessimistic or optimistic – just what it is – ultimately it will come down to nature, to the planet, to endure the human assault and re-emerge (as it always has done in the distant past) in a modified form, which may include a few humans – but 'hope'-fully wiser.

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