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October 12, 2022


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Heh, I haven't actually read that famous RSSB book of yours, Brian; but the fact of the matter is that life is NOT (intrinsically) fair. Fairness is a human concept, and life is simply what it is. Life per se is neither intrinsically fair, as some of us fervently imagine it is; and nor is it intrinsically unfair, as some cynics might believe it is. Life is simply what it is.

But of course, we humans are free to fashion our lives and affairs and institutions in such a way that life does, in a purely human sense, become more fair. To that extent, ironically, it is the belief that life is intrinsically fair that keeps people from actually making life fair for people in general; and it is a clear recognition that life is not fair (or good, or "the best of all possible worlds", or overseen by a kind and just God, or whatever) that opens the way to actually making life fair for people, in a purely human sense and when it comes to human affairs and human interactions and human institutions.

Actually, thinking about this, what this is about is not necessarily fair and unfair per se, at least not in general. It is more about order, and about control by understanding the nature of the ordering.

It is utterly, completely frustrating, and terrifying, and extremely disheartening, to live in a world driven by main chance, and random events. Add to that that we humans have evolved to be pattern-seeking creatures, and what you end up with is us finding faces in clouds, and baby Jesus in omelets, and our fortunes foretold in tea leaves and in astrological constellations and in the lines on our palms. Given that backdrop, and given an age when empricism and specifically science had not yet been invented --- which is to say all of our history bar the last few hundred years --- and I'd say that the Karma theory, that Brian's book is about (qualification, repeat: I haven't actually read it!) is actually a brilliant construction. It is far more sophisticated than the brutish Commandments, or other similar claptrap. And it kind of sort of rings true, given belief in reincarnation and what not. And really, before science was invented, what grounds would anyone actually have to reject such a brilliant, well-ordered, and, yes, such a MORAL piece of ...deduction, constructiojn, call it what you will? It's one fatal flaw, the Karma theory I mean to say, is that it is plain wrong; but before science was invented, how in the world would anyone know that?

So that, I don't blame the people of the past for having come out with this ...thing, this Karma theory. Unlike the Commandments thing, this isn't flat-out lying, after all, just brilliant deduction gone wrong, a matter of ascribing an admirable morality but ascribing it where it does not actually belong, ascribing it wrongly.

It's just that today, standing where we do, there's absolutely no way, and really, no excuse, to continue to believe in this sort of claptrap.

Life is still fair, in the sense that it is indeed not without order and not without "rules". Gravity, for instance; and the germ theory, and viruses, and vaccines. Science, in other words. We do need to know what the ordering actually is, and to live in consonance with that order, in order to live our lives well, or at any rate as well as might be possible ---- haha, much like our ancestors (as well as our more superstitious and more dense brethren even today) sought to divine the will of God and the laws of karma et cetera, and to live in consonance with that will and those laws et cetera. To that extent, life is indeed fair, I suppose, for one definition of "fair", that is to say.


(By the way, Brian, I realize your article isn't about Karma per se, that is a subject related only somewhat incidentally to what you've been saying and quoting here. But somehow I've ended up focusing on that part of it in my reflections and my comments, perhaps given your book and all, I don't know.)

Life is hard and definitely there's allot of suffering if you make the wrong choices in life be they in a conscious or unconscious state ( half a sleep). This is what has happened to millions of sangat who have been promised heaven in there afterlife provided they worship a living self made master , who they make the lord of their soul and surrender everything for. These poor sangat have inadvertently sold their soul for a life of suffering and a dog's life. A life where they loose all and the clown master gains everything. Gurinder singh dhillon has been able to fool millions of guilable sangat because they simply follow the crowd and stupidly did no research especially considering everything is on Google these days. Gurinder your days are numbered, and the truth is coming out. Your swindled billions will be no good when the sangat wake and find out they been had by a crook, a pervert, and narsisst who is having a time of his life at their expense.

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