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September 30, 2022


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Autocracy is truly a blight in today's world. It's always been that, of course, but given today's enlightened worldview and governance that is known to and available to all, it is ...such a pity, that autocracy is still a thing today.

Putin gobbling up those portions of Ukraine via his spurious "referendums" brings to mind two similar misadventures undertaken by other autocrats. One which did not end well; and another that, unfortunately, did. I'm referring to Saddam trying to take over Kuwait, and China's successful annexation of Tibet. Saddam got what he richly deserved. But China got not what it deserved, but what it coveted. As will Putin now, no doubt. Pity.

That's the truth of world affairs, and realpolitik, and nuclear weapons. It's not a fair world, unfortunately. Pity, indeed.

..........Although, who knows, the Putin thing I mean to say. Maybe some enterprising Ukrainian assassin? Or maybe the unrest in Russia over the war, that's starting to take shape despite the systematic minsinformation and propaganda, thanks ot their recent conscription there, might yet end up toppling the maniac who's single-handedly caused the deaths of so many over the last few months? Who knows, just maybe?

Haha, having just posted this comment, it occured to me that the examples there were actually all of them a-religious. Although he was a total asshole when it came to Kuwait, and deserved what he got, but Saddam was a bulwark against the forces of religiosity and fanticism in Iraq; and although a Muslim, but politically he actually represented (relatively) secular ideals. China's a de facto dictatorship, but it's secular, and in fact atheistic. And Russia, while it's no longer commie-atheistic, is nevertheless secular enough I guess.

But of course, that's just an odd coincidence, that aspect of that comment of mine, I mean to say. In general, absolutely, I do agree with your argument. That is, I'd say autocracy and religiosity comprise separate Venn circles; but absolutely, there's a huge overlap between the two; and indeed, religiosity is, without a doubt, a huge enabler for autocracy.


Lest some religiously minded soul latch on to my kind of random observation, about secular autocracies, let me lay that to rest once and for all. Sure, religion isn't responsible for all of the world's ills, neither generally nor specifically when it comes to autocracy; but absolutely, it is responsible for a great deal of it, and getting rid of it will get rid of a great deal of the ills that plague the world, even if not all of it. Which is a clear argument against religion, notwithstanding the fact that it is not, in itself, the solution to ALL of the evils that plague us.

@ Brian Ji [ Yes, it can be easier to follow an authoritarian than to chart your own course in life. But I've never regretted leaving behind the religious autocracy of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, led as it is by a guru whose utterances are viewed as divine commands. ]

Hm, I can't recall any RSSB guru remarks to the effect "Thou
shalt treat my utterances as divine commands." If he did, the
RSSB disciple will usually first try to vet the spiritual meaning,
see if it's consistent with past utterances, assess whether more
research is needed to unfailingly follow, etc. As Ishwar Puri
noted, the careful follower would respond to a challenge to
jump from a building to show his faith with "Ok, you first!".

RSSB is a mystical path, not a blind faith, not a path of "thou
shalt's", only a set of practices to gain experience of truth
inside. And if it doesn't happen, as advised... turn to some
other path.

Hm, I can't recall any RSSB guru remarks to the effect "Thou
shalt treat my utterances as divine commands."

...Heh, Dungness, you "exers" --- as well as any still-there-ers who might be around --- will doubtless be far more up to speed on your GSD-speak than I am, but I do distinctly remember reading, right here on Brian's blog (although I can't remember where, or even whether in comments or in some article proper), and reading more than once, of GSD using this phrase, "My way or the highway", to indicate how the Dera and/or the affairs of RSSB are to be run.

Dungeness, a few months ago I shared examples of the RSSB guru's authoritarianism -- believing he can do whatever he wants -- in a blog post. Pretty damning examples.


@ Brian Ji [ ... shocking examples... ]

Shocking indeed and I think it's well worth reading Spence Tepper's comments re:
"Gurinder Singh Dhillon ignoring a child's sexual abuse: https://hinessight.blogs.com/church_of_the_churchless/2019/04/gurinder-singh-dhillon-ignores-sexual-abuse-of-a-child.html

Spence commented:
"The criticism of Gurinder functionally serves the purpose of keeping the rest of us focused on right behavior, and our responsibility to keep moving forward with no one else to blame.

Blaming Baba Ji and rejecting him as the Master automatically puts the responsibility on us. Once you do that, everything is on your own shoulders. This is where Brian is the perfect sevedar and in 100% allignment and service to Baba Ji.

Rejecting Baba Ji (while somehow being unable to focus on anyone else) is actually taking personal responsibility. And it's a form of continuous meditation on Him.
.... "

There is no difference between dictator like Hitler and gurinder singh dhillon. Both sell an ideology that they are special and superior above others; both are rapidly expanding cults; and both are puppets for kaals lust for people mind body and souls. Gurinder Singh Dhillon , people are beginning to see you for what you are, a nasty , vile person with no soul.

@ Brian Ji [ I shared examples of the RSSB guru's authoritarianism -- believing he can do whatever he wants -- in a blog post. Pretty damning examples. https://hinessight.blogs.com/church_of_the_churchless/2022/07/examples-of-rssb-gurus-authoritarianism.html ]

Except the majority of lapses attributed to GSD are ambiguous at best
and it's clear the "usual suspects" in the financial fraud include adviser
Sunil G. as well as others in GSD's immediate family and Shiv/Malv
the tycoon nephews . Scenarios which conjure up GSD masterminding
the whole fraud scheme in whispered phone chats while multi-tasking
RSSB operations seem ludicrous IMO.

The really troubling lapse was GSD's ignorance in dealing with a report
of child sexual abuse. I think the takeaway is worshipping the physical
guru --the stage actor-- is a huge mistake. GIHF is still human... one who
can and does play a role. Make mistakes too if he chooses, especially to
clarify the physical is only a pointer to the truth inside you which is the
inner Master. That's the one mystics put all their heart and devotion and
attention into finding.

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