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September 20, 2022


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@ Hossenfelder [ I am saying that what's beyond what we can observe is purely a matter of belief. Science doesn't say anything about whether it exists or doesn't exist. ]

The mystic would demur "hey, what mystics can observe in consciousness
is more than belief. Their methodology is clear and scientific. Findings and
visions are established provably, repeatably. There's no room for blind
acceptance of one-offs nor subsequent speculation. Refreshingly, there's
no club requirement or society to join either. Follow a mystic path with
sincere mindfulness and devotion. You can confirm mystic claims within.
If not, try another door to discover truth. But, remain open-minded. There
are invariably more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of."

Singh brothers jailed for 6 months!

That's for contempt of court, apparently. Which means their actual sentencing (or acquittal, as it might be) is yet to come. I mean, it's not as if they can make their peace with having got off with just six months.

Which also raises the question --- not that I'm aware of the exact nature of the contempt of court here --- won't a similar contempt of court case also apply to the Bearded One? (Well they're all beareded ones, but I mean the Bearded One, capitalized.) I mean over and above the actual case against him? That is, he seems to be flitting around evading court appearences, isn't it? (I ask without actual detailed knowledge of what the answer is, but it is my [admittedl vague] impression that he's simply been putting off properly facing the charges against him, for like forever.)

Appreciative Reader, from what I understand, the Singh brothers gave their money to the Bearded one….so no matter how these brothers earned the money (including fraudulently) but then they donated or gave away this money to the bearded one so I don’t think he can be charged for that. At best, he can be asked to return the money back….anyway, these are my 2 cents, if anyone has more knowledge on this case, please comment.

No, fair enough, Nick. The courts are there to uphold the law, not morality, and certainly not GIHF-worthy uber-morality. Agreed, as far as that much.

But then they're in for contempt of court, apparently, those two dupes of GSD's, so that can't have been about the merits of the case per se. I doubt they've gone around assaulting the judge or the prosecuting counsel, so the sentence is probably for not complying with court's injunctions about interim payments or furnishing information, something like that.

So well, I was wondering, --- wondering idly, without myself being very well informed on this! --- if GSD's repeated evasion of court summons citing some excuse or the other, and also his not providing clear information to court about all of his financial affairs (I'm assuming he hasn't, but I don't actually know that!), might not similarly amount to contempt, and if he shouldn't be sitting with his nephews inside their jail cell, for some similar contempt.

...But you're right, of course, these two dupes doing illegal things on GSD's say-so, and giving him money that wasn't theirs to give, that is, legally speaking, squarely on the two trimmed beards, not the longer flowing beard, absolutely.

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