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September 24, 2022


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I know, I know, these two, they're probably far wealthier even in their ruin than most of us will ever be in our lives. To that extent my sympathy is probably entirely misplaced. But still, just look at those two rubes sitting there looking out at the world through uncomprehending eyes. I can't help feeling sorry for these two dupes, who've had their silver spoons snatched right out their mouths and shoved straight up their backsides, and all for the greater glory (and more to the point, for the [far, far, far] greater wealth] of their father-figure godman uncle and his offspring/s (I forget if it's singular or plural, the number of now-wealthy son/s GSD has).

"It still appears that Gurinder Singh Dhillon, the RSSB guru, is responsible for financial fraud. At the moment Dhillon is akin to Donald Trump: people close to him have been indicted and jailed, while so far the guru hasn't been held to account."

"It still appears," the progressive mantra of the last 6 years!

Still no evidence to present for your claim that Gurinder (or Trump for that matter) was guilty of anything, and you're left to resort to quoting yourself -- as if that's evidence.

Dear oh dear Choden, what have you been listening to over the past few years. Trump has lied, manipulated, bullied and intimidated people not to mention on important issues such as covid, climate change and voting, ever since he appeared on the political stage. Any one else (like his fall-back associates) would have been in jail many times over.

And as for his latest, totally dishonest actions of 'stealing' classified and sensitive documents from the White House, well, yet again, anyone else behaving in such an illegal way would have been in court immediately.

He deserved to be impeached on the Russia issue along with his speeches on voter fraud – but republicans en masse failed to do their duty. Similar to his latest fraud allegations and tax evasions over his business career, your average citizen would be similarly clamped up in jail. Claiming you have money that you do not have in order to swindle organisations and paying taxes is enough to put him away for years.

For some strange psychological reason, republicans (and his supporters) continue to sweep his criminal activities under the carpet. Of all the world leaders, Trump epitomises the worst.

Whilst, having closely followed the legal developments and media reporting (in particular, the 2018 Bloomberg article), I remain convinced of GSD’s corruption and greed, I have come to accept that this charlatan is above the law in one of the world’s most corrupt jurisdictions, India

Having assisted Modi with the RSSB beds during India’s Covid crisis, GSD has secured his Get out of Jail Free card

Our only hope for justice is that this conman’s arrogance gets the better of him and he makes a mistake that even his status can’t save him, just like his colleague, Baba Ram Rahim who’s crimes became too serious for the authorities to ignore, even at the cost of many votes

The two dodgy brothers remain in prison, without a trial. Hopefully, they get their day in court and Malvinder uses his platform to detail the bombastic Baba’s involvement in their numerous scams

Nothing will happen to Baba as long as he co-operates with BJP Government that is no less corrupt than Baba. Courts in India dance to the tune of their paymasters.

Baba is not just above the law Baba is the law,master of universe.

Master of all the Earthhttps://www.tribuneindia.com/news/amritsar/farmers-up-in-arms-against-dera-management-in-beas-396142

"Still no evidence to present for your claim that Gurinder (or Trump for that matter) was guilty of anything, and you're left to resort to quoting yourself -- as if that's evidence."

(Posted by: Choden | September 26, 2022 at 06:15 AM)


Hahaha, no evidence? No evidence that Trump is a crook? No evidence that Trump is a godless hypocrite? No evidence that Trump is utterly ignorant? No evidence that Trump is unbelievably stupid? No evidence that despite his ignrorance and his stupidity, he's nevertheless crafty enough to somehow manage to string along an astonishing large number of the gullible? No evidence that he's a self-serving narcissist that has no compunction about throwing his own followers under the bus when it serves him? No evidence that Trump is entirely bereft of any moral worth, no evidence that he's a complete reprobate?

Halleluhah, Trump-followers, rejoice, for I bring you glad tidings. O ye worshipers of that grotesque slug, know that not the slightest bit of critical thinking is expected of you. You're a third-day-zombie worshiping Jesus-cultist? No problem. You believe Mo the pedo rode a horse to the moon and cut it in half with a flaming scimitar, or some such crap, and you mutilate your little sons' and daughters' genitalia because you believe Allah wants you to do that? No issues at all. You believe in Xenu, and the gospel of L Ron Hubbard? No problemo. You're a gullible rube that sends money to those transparently hypocritical televangelists? That's fine, no problems there either. You believe the money-grubbing GSD is god incarnate? Again, zero issues. All of that pales into utter insignificance next to the complete absurdity of finding the slightest bit of worth in the complete, utter monstrosity that is Trump. If you're a Trump believer, then you're fully exempted from criticism over any and every other kind of superstition you might subscribe to. Because, I mean, what else is one to expect from the likes of you, right?

Choden is exactly right - the baba has been completely exonerated - just a lot of rubbish by Hines. We said as much 10 year ago and this propagandist is still at it spreading disinformation. The facts are that the Sing bros are guilty, not the guru which is why they (not the guru) are serving time.

Gurinder even talks and behaves like a thug nowadays...he's not even doing a good job putting up an act anymore. It's so easy to see right through him, but unfortunately people are too brainwashed to see it.

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