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September 05, 2022


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Just watched this Youtube video of Sabine Hossenfelder speaking about just this topic, about how and whether the past might exist per theoretical physics. (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwzN5YwMzv0.)

Short enough video, around 15 minutes. She speaks very well, and explains all of these complex concepts and ideas in an extremely clear and layman-friendly, jargon-free (and largely math-free) talk.

Disclaimer, though: There's a commercial hook there, a two-minute or so plug at the end of the presentation for some course she's part of. But it isn't in the least obtrusive -- sitting as it does at the very end of the video -- and does not detract, in the least, from the rest of this excellent aimed-at-the-layman presentation.

Apparently she’s got a few more videos out there, that can be explored with this one as the starting point. I’m looking forward to checking them out as well.

Funny thing, this video came out at me out of the blue. I was checking out an entirely unrelated Youtube link someone sent me, like entirely unrelated, and I find this video right at the top there, in the list of suggestions. Serendipity? Or simply some truly brilliant algo from Google/Youtube?

(A bit of both, I suppose. But all I'd looked up of SH online was basically Brian's link, to look up her basic antecedents as scientist, is all. From that link, and maybe a very brief, very cursory google search, to this Youtube suggestion right on top there when I'm watching something else entirely, that does look magical. At any rate, the Arthur Clarke* kind of magical.)


* His famous quote, that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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