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August 08, 2022


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I suppose that being a life-long naturalist, the obvious fact that we are part of nature only arises for me on hearing people talk as though we and nature were separate things. I guess there are several reasons for this; one being that the Abrahamic religions teach that man has been given dominion over other creatures. Another could stem from the fact that we see ourselves separate due to the exaggerated importance of our self structures which habitually looks at the world as being something other and outside of ‘me’ which has to be battled with and brought under control.

Unfortunately, part of such control verges on exploitation. Instead of working with the rest of the natural world in a spirit of harmonious interdependence, we have taken the route of ‘self’ interest where everything must feed an insatiable ‘me’.

I don’t feel very optimistic that we humans can ever work in harmony with nature, with the planet we live on. Science has made great strides in developing alternative and sustainable technology, yet as the ‘zero support from Republicans’ shows re climate change, there just isn’t the will and not just from political leaders as even everyday folk would not want to consider altering their standards of living to help the planet regain its natural balance.

Recent elections around the world show that many people want a leader that will maintain or even advance standards of living. We can recycle our jam jars and plastic containers but to give up our gas-guzzling cars, holidays in distant countries and generally our habitually wasteful ways of life is unlikely – as indeed the recent years of ‘Covid’ lockdowns showed to the point of denial and violence.

What is probably inevitable is that future government planning and action will take into their equations and forecasts predictable loss of land, towns and villages, infrastructure and even lives. Nature, even if the human species dies out will continue as it always has. Species and planets evolve and die – which in the future may include us.

Perfection is an ideal that is always present in now-ness.

Perfection can be explored from two different vantage points.

From the vantage point of actuality, all things (Physical, emotional, psychological, or any combination thereof) are perfect in now-ness because, due to causality, they cannot be other than they are, so are therefore perfect as they are.

From the vantage point of subjective reality, perfection remains an ideal to move towards but can
never be realized.

But it’s also helpful to be aware that what drives us towards seeking perfection is an underlying subconscious worry that our current experience is somehow wrong or not good enough.

When in actuality it is perfect as it is. As all human experience is related to the pleasure and pain principle of want and not want.

The way to engage with the ideal of perfection is to pay attention to what alleviates or eradicates the unhelpful worrying aspect, so the mind can remain at peace with itself, others and the world around it whilst seeking perfection.

Although “non-harm” is impossible within the human experience, the ideal of perfecting a way of life that causes the least amount of physical, emotional or psychological harm to yourself, others and the world, is itself a perfect solution to alleviate or eradicate the worrying mind.

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