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August 24, 2022


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Outstanding, the video. I watched it thrice just now. It's ...vertiginous, and at the same time so very moving.

Of course, one's watched this kind of thing in the past. But thing is, unlike the Men in Black thing, this one's real, and actually represents what we actually know thus far about what the universe is like. That's moving in a way fiction, including religion, can never measure up. (Although the latter, fiction/religion, can be moving too, sure. But reality grips one way more, especially when it's as ...vast, as this.)

The scale of it is awesome, absolutely. And incidentally, the dimensions hide within them a lovely sub-plot, fascinating in its own right. (How the universe is so much vaster than merely a direct extrapolation from the time, I mean. The expansion bit.).

It's all so fascinating. Both the what of it; but also how brilliantly we puny humans are able to piece this together, so that we can start to dimly understand a reality that is so inconceivably more vast, and so inconceivably more grand, than our humble puny selves.

I just shared this lovely, this mind-blowing video you'd put up there with a young lady, who loved it; and as I was explaining the thing to her and about how all of this works (which sounds presumptuous, my setting out to "explain" these things that is to say, but isn't really, because this young lady is all of 10!), it occured to me that what might have made this presentation even more mind-blowing is if they could have extended it in the other side as well. This one starts from us, and goes to bigger dimensions; but it might have kept 'us' in the middle, and extended in the other direction as well, down to sub-atomoic levels, down as small as we know how (and with real, actual stuff, like they do here, not that Men-in-Black kind of cool-sounding fiction).

I looked, a bit, cursorily, and all I came up with is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN6jKSQQKGM. Nah, doesn't measure up, not even a little bit.

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