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August 03, 2022


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“Leaving dogma behind is like discarding an confining diving suit.” “...His whole life, Zach remained trapped in dogma, wearing it like a diving suit. . .”

An apt way of describing the dogmas we carry about with us. Not as dramatic as Zach's' story of leaving his deep conditioning behind, though I’m sure we all have strong investments in our own particular dogmas (beliefs, opinions etc.) We do seem to approach life from a position that is in effect from within a sphere, a thought sphere or bubble. This solid sphere consists of years of accumulation of knowledge or information acquired from birth through experiences.

The spheres are our minds, the storehouses of our experiences and though useful and necessary to us we do attempt to solve our problems and to ascribe meanings to the world, the universe, life and ourselves from within our own limited sphere.

The mind demands explanations. It seeks security (a natural reaction) through ideas, opinions, knowledge, beliefs and ascribing meanings for everything. And our cultures are awash with 'explanations', explanations that effectively block us from our own self inquiry. Instead, we accept the current religious and other explanations and try to live with their inconsistencies.

We are conditioned to believe that the ego/self is a separate entity that 'runs' the show called 'me'. Such a concept is difficult to break away from mainly because each successive generation perpetuates the myth, enclosing us effectively in our own protective thought sphere. Everyone has their own created bubble bouncing along on the sea of reality which effectively acts as a buffer toward realising the reality that is all around.

Perhaps then, what is generally called realisation (enlightenment or awakening) is to see this sphere for what it is and if its myriad facets are seen clearly enough to know that such seemingly impenetrable constructions are the main cause of our troubles

RE: Leaving dogma behind is like discarding a confining diving suit

Some things can be misleading or bad. Causing an association with those who only live to spread an abomination.

On the other hand, one may find a yogi who was given a bad reputation. But in a real life encounter with this lowly yogi of some bad wacky rumors, one may find that one's life had been saved, if it were not for the yogi. See, in the ghetto we had a saying; never listen to the jaw jackers -let's go ask the original gangsta himself.

So if I believed even an man from India was a rooty poo, just cuzz some internet gangsters said so. I'd be a fool to judge this yogi who may really possess the hidden Secret of the Fame, I helm from the streets & dodged bullets, some point blank, to survive, and hold out for.

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